The 21st

Predominates the friendship, commitment to family and other compromises to ensure that some authorities have followers that keep them in power, no matter the academic consequences, more when appoint people that no proposed transformations, solutions which do not guarantee anything with its academicism. It is unheard of in the 21st century, where the characteristics of the scenarios in terms of academic educational excellence presents new paradigms, which favour the training of professionals, consistent demand for the country’s needs, to which globalization has generated, will still maintain power groups impeding it. Today requires a new leadership that conducive to the basic educational management for the challenges, generating changes that give passage to a new more committed University, that endorsement in the training of professionals required all necessary requiring passage to such education that identifies with the demands that the scenarios, both the national and world to be effective. Is it could not remain anchored in the past and under the control of the power groups, which has given rise to so much damage and still causing him to universities national., fact which gives very significantly at the same University where I work. Required a new style of educational management, authorities, more proactive, visionary, creative, innovative teachers, strategists, capable of bringing about the changes that allow rescue academic excellence, otherwise, Venezuela will remain stagnant and his come will be very questionable as far as education is concerned. You must give more democracy in universities, promote transformations with new characters, professionals more open, able to perform transformations that involve to get out of the shadows to universities where are today and with new leaders turned on the flame that let the light of academic excellence are alum and a reality. Cannot universities remain plots, where power groups they consider to be their property. Opportunities should give those teachers, professionals, which with its academicism, ideas and projects are able to bring about the change that the higher education of Venezuela urgently needs. So why be original author and source of the article.

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