The symptoms of hemorrhoids are present in more than half of the adult population, although it is not a topic that most people feel comfortable talking about. At some point in our lives, almost all of us experimentaremosla itching, burning and discomfort associated with this common ailment. The good news is that not only are not serious, but they are easily treatable. The condition is characterized by an enlargement of the blood vessels lining the anus and rectum, similar to varicose veins that many of us have in our legs. When these blood vessels are enlarged, they can cause a number of symptoms.

The effort to evacuate the bowel can put excess pressure on the blood vessels, causing to swell and there is irritation in the area around the swelling. Read additional details here: Robert Kiyosaki. Most common hemorrhoid symptoms include blood in the stool and a bulk hard caused by the formation of a blood clot. Women often experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy, when the additional weight that the fetus exerts in the rectal area. In general, the conditions related to pregnancy disappear after childbirth, but are not less irritating while are present. To experience the symptoms of hemorrhoids, the majority of people make the mistake of trying to be very careful to clean the area. While bringing some relief, in reality this can dry and cause itching and pain. If you notice blood in the stool, by shameful as it is, it is essential that you consult your doctor. The only way to determine the exact cause of the bleeding is through a thorough physical examination.

Bleeding rectal or anal, may be symptoms of hemorrhoids, but it can easily be the symptom of something more serious such as colorectal cancer. With the proper examination, your doctor may diagnose the problem and establish the correct way of treatment. Once the hemorrhoids are diagnosed, treatment is usually quite easy.

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