Why do we write about diving training? Yes, because almost all of us is not the first flying holiday in Turkey or Egypt, and a standard set of tours already presume, viewed and otfotografirovan. And how many times during the sea walks you saw divers who plunge into the depths of the sea? Do not you want as well as those brave souls who dive under the water and see all the beauty of the marine world with your own eyes? Do you think it's dangerous? We are confident that this scared? Worried that the training of diving is expensive and very long occupation? Together, let us know more about it. The first myth – diving is dangerous. In fact, it is not so! But the statistics, the recreational diving (namely about him, we we say) for trauma attending immediately after bowling. Yes, exactly! The fact that training and certification in recreational diving are designed for ordinary people like you and me, and not on athletes champions.

And scuba diving courses are based primarily on the security – you just will not allow to do something that could be dangerous for you. In addition, the diving coach will teach you all the tricks that would make dive safe for you and for the fish on which you'll see. The second myth – diving is scary. Of course, perhaps the first time you'll be afraid to step into 'the abyss' blue sea. If you're not very brave man, and not ready just throw 'in the pool with his head', I suggest you do the same as I have – to make his first dive in the pool, together with an experienced instructor. Believe me, all doubt vanished, and the pleasure I got huge.

Myth Three – Diving is very expensive. The question of cost is finite for each individual. But diving is not too expensive. Of course, it is what that money. But for that to start diving or to start diving are not trained must have own equipment, tanks, etc. All you need you will get hired. During my training, equipment hire all included. And the cost of diving is quite comparable to the cost of standard excursions. Myth Four – learn to dive should be a very long time. Frankly, I too long was this absolutely certain. So much so that not even trying to learn about diving a little more. But it turned out that that would get their first certificate, pass the first course to dive all week and a half or three hours a day. Yes, how to do everything during a brief holiday, when every sunny day counts! Why spend the precious days of your rest on theoretical studies abroad? After training dive in Moscow, you arrive at the sea is already a certified diver! When training dive in Moscow, you will not have problems of a language barrier, to the same study in Moscow is much cheaper than at the resorts. So I did – after another trip to the sea, and I decided to come to Moscow to study diving instructor. Classes are held in the evenings, which did not cause problems with work, and a lot of fun.

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