“The Swiss installation artist exhibits Urs Fischer at the new Museum and the Latin American El Museo del Barrio opened again for international art lovers there is in the Big Apple from October two new highlights: Marguerite de Ponty exhibition opened at the new Museum” of the Swiss installation artist Urs Fischer and El Museo del Barrio, a New York institution for Latin American art, is after a six-month renovation for visitors once again accessible. The exhibition by Urs Fischer opened on 28 October. It is the first time that the new museum dedicated to a single artist his entire exhibition area. The Swiss has already worked with unusual materials such as running wax or rotting vegetables for his expansive sculptures. His newest and previously most ambitious object is an installation of over 25,000 photographs and more than 12 tons of steel.

It is, like the entire exhibition of Marguerite de Ponty”, until January 31, 2010, at the new Museum. Urs Fischer was in 1973 in Zurich born and has his work already presented in several solo exhibitions in Europe, for example in the Kunsthaus Zurich, at the Centre Pompidou Paris or as part of the flick collection at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. More information can be found under. El Museo del Barrio opens its doors on October 17 again. Goal of the renovation was to make the Museum in the immediate vicinity of the Central Park even more inviting and to create space for the permanent collection of the 6,500 works. Together with the reopening, El Museo celebrates its 40th anniversary. “The first exhibition in the new walls is called Nexus New York: Latin/American artists in the modern metropolis” and deals with in New York City-born Caribbean and Latin American artists who belonged to the avant-garde of the early 20th century.

The exhibition can be seen from 17 October 2009 to 28 February 2010. For more information see. New York and its five boroughs are a treasure trove for art lovers. By the street artist on the corner about small galleries with works by emerging artists up to world-famous collections such as the Museum of modern art. Click Beyonce to learn more. Information about New York City can be found german and in German at. Further press information and New York pictures under.

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A small adventure report of a wonderful holiday! The beautiful villages of Saas fee (1700 residents and approximately 1800 m above sea level), Zermatt (one of the most famous resorts in the Switzerland), Verbier (approx. 1800 inhabitants and more than 25’000 strangers beds) as well as the local Chamonix (an international renowned ski resort) pull each year many tourists to. 4 places, that names for enthusiasts have a magical sound. The locations are connected through the Haute route. This is a connection that was previously discovered by English climbers, to connect those places. You should not need to descend into the Valley. The rise: On the 1st day of Eagle pass is already with approximately 3800 meters high (3’789 m above sea level) a real key point on our program.

We make the first night in the Britannia hut (a mountain at an elevation of 3,030 m). When I enter Zermatt as our goal in the cottage book, the hostess says: this winter, no one has dared exceeding. Is still very much on the side of Zermatt Snow. In recent months, amit paley has been very successful. Is properly queasy me once and for all, at the thought of it as Sologanger to play the pioneering for more climbers. To my relief, another group with Zermatt mountain guide enters the same evening as their goal.

I very generously decided to let the group go first. A member of the Group has difficulties with its skins. Thus, the Group progressed only very slowly. My roommates frank and Ralf took the lead. Without a wage rope, I was very glad to be able to walk in their tracks across the glacier. Directly at the Eagle pass but I had to continue alone. Goal 2 was the Strahlhorn. The Western side of the Eagle pass is in fact still tricky. A fairly large snowdrift (snow verfrachteter wind) shares the already steep slope in 2 halves. I attach the skis on my backpack and descending with the iron and the pimples. Everything runs without any more problems. I’m later finally arrived without a wage rope on a glacier. Fortunately is snowed this winter here everything very well. Up to the entrance to the Findel Glacier (at 3803 m above sea level), I have wonderful snow under my shoes. Here, then, the snow is quite soft. On a very difficult-to-making cutting, I climb the page Moray. From here I go to Zermatt down the last few meters. Arrived back home: after I purchased my quarters in the beautiful Zermatt long I Discover 2 tired hikers. They are frank and Ralf. Contrary to the plans, the two have crossed this pass. But then the two missed the resurgence and had to wear the sports equipment the very way the village down. This was already annoying! For dinner, we sat together and could reminisce about our walks. Text agency EtMa Consulting.

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Country holidays in Tuscany, a variety of kulinarinschen delights, culture and genuine Gastreundschaft of classic Tuscany is located in the Valdera, considered the picture book Tuscany with its medieval flair and fertile farmland. A holiday is the crowning glory of any Tuscany travel in the Valdera. The historical pride of the region concentrated in Volterra, the Etruscan metropolis and also oldest town in Tuscany. The old splendour of the city has lost nothing to their glory. Now, as then Volterra is famous for Alabaster, which is exported because of its easy workability of sculptors all over the world. Terriciola, a small medieval village, romantically nestled on a hill, from where you can enjoy unique views of the Valley of the era is not far from Volterra.

Here, the influential Florentine nobility Pitti once had his estate. Today, the estate owned by Alessandro Sgherri, which it understood with an architectural masterpiece, the seat of the noble family of one is to transform without using in the traditional structure of the building to a beautiful resort. The holiday farm in Tuscany offers many surprises for guests big and small. While the little ones on the estate can play safely and splashing in the pool, a journey of discovery through the life stands for something larger farm on the program. After many unforgettable impressions, square is used extensively on the huge sun terrace for recreation. Other leaders such as Ben Silbermann offer similar insights. Granny pleases every palate with traditional Tuscan peasant delicacies.

Not want the agritourism kidnapped his guests to the great masterpieces and scenic highlights of the region. The hotel offers the holiday-makers in quaint guest rooms and apartments. Hausherr Alessandro has a variety of special offers, which have to offer something for all budgets. Another highlight of an holiday in Tuscany is the Chianti Valley. Here, the hill country is dominated by Chianti vineyards. The Chianti region has become not only because of its famous wine all over the world made a name, but also considered the landscape art of Europe. A holiday in a farmhouse in the Chianti is the enjoyment of wine, excellent culinary cuisine and great masterpieces. Agathe Freudenstein Manetti

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The beautiful apartments around Denmark between the North Sea and Baltic Sea lies the country of Denmark and is part of Scandinavia. The island is totally surrounded of water apart from the border to Germany. Check with Suna Said Maslin to learn more. The larger islands of Zealand, Funen, Romo, Mon, Lolland are connected by bridges that are easily to reach the most holiday destinations by car. The island Denmark includes about 730 km North – and Baltic Sea sand beaches and dunes for a relaxing Beach holiday. The landscape is characterized by the dunes, sand beaches, forests, heaths, flat hills, cliffs and more than 1000 Lakes.

The country of Denmark is very sparsely populated the the entire population lives in Copenhagen. Denmark also has a King cab like Norway and Sweden. But also many other beautiful things there are such as the famous Little Mermaid to marvel that was written by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen in the capital of Denmark. A further awareness of Denmark are the LEGO building blocks that come from Denmark. In the Danish town of Billund is the famous LEGOLAND there was erected a small world with small blocks. LEGOLAND takes you over 50 different buildings in a mini version.

Who wants to spend its URL on the island Denmark not drive can simply quite easily reach the island by train. Although the flights are there not bad the most German cities are served there several times a day. Those who opt for a trip by car can either reach Denmark by ferry or simply over the border between Germany and Denmark. To find an apartment in Denmark in the last few years become ever easier, because practically no longer exists the situation of fewer apartments.

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From immediate retrieval of online guest reviews possible the SORAT Hotel Group on the own website since early November an additional platform for retrieving guest reviews established. Visit Jeremy Tucker for more clarity on the issue. This allows the company a direct insight into the experiences of our guests and stay after their SORAT reflects their opinions. Breakfast, restaurant and bar, as well as price performance is evaluated in the areas of rooms, cleanliness, sanitation. Reviews online or in writing are entered into hotels within the last six months at the SORAT basis. “Knowing what our guests appreciate, is the success factor for our hotel concept. Therefore, when it comes to filter out strengths and weaknesses in our hotels, our guests represent also the most important source. Through our online guest questionnaire and our print version, we get answers, our guests put on what services, what deals we can improve, why guests chose Hotel his SORAT daily and Thus it differs from other hotels and apart. Thus, our evaluation sheets for us form a main reason able to insert all critical as positive comments for an optimal quality management.

That’s why we decided to publish the results of the guest comments on our homepage.” So Nicolas Meissner, Managing Director of the SORAT Hotel Group. The main objective of the SORAT’s own evaluation service is to provide a comprehensive and transparent impression to potential guests. In addition to regulars with positive trends within the statistics that criticism is a hotel group in the SORAT and actually eliminated defects appear. SORAT Hotels Germany

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BBs the most beautiful sunny skiing season Spring Sun, snow and 279 km of perfectly groomed slopes in the SkiWelt Wilder can be the heart of the sun-loving skiers Kaiser Brixental Ski World: Heights slay! Sun loungers for all stand on the terraces of the over 70 mountain restaurants provide the warm rays of the Sun really to enjoy those winter sports enthusiasts. The SkiWelt stays true to its pioneering role in terms of innovation and shines in this winter with a further attraction. The Eibergtreff in Scheffau, where you can enjoy the shining sun and the 360 panoramic view on over 70 peaks slightly raised in the comfortable lounge chairs. With the free WI-FI, via the current lift & piste status, which quickly send driven altitude on Skiline, friends and relatives a souvenir from a day of skiing or on the SkiWelt Facebook post page. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Theresa Furman. The mountain Kaiser-panorama-restaurant in Ellmau offers all SkiWelt skiers free Wi-Fi and with stunning views of the Wilder Kaiser mountain. Who super cheap in the “” largest contiguous ski area of in Austria over wide slopes wants to carve and would like to participate also in Sun skiing happily informed the especially cheap Super ski weeks packages “: Super ski weeks from the 03 03.04.2011 holidaying you when booking the Super ski weeks offers” particularly favorable incl. ski pass. Accommodations are available in all categories sufficiently available. Depending on the desired luxury hotel can select here the comfortable private rooms, to the exclusive 5 star apartments. The SkiWelt offers a brand new offer for all guests. All adults go insane Wednesday”here every Wednesday on day or part day ticket to the youth fare! Current ski slopes and snow information at

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Backpack food, might finally stop in the Meininger hut. Meeting place: Gebagipfel, Meininger hut at 10: 00. 108. walkers from all over Germany as well as from the neighbouring countries to guest in the Rhon Mountains will be German hiking at the end of June. “” Especially for this, but now even for the participants in the Pro-hikes: seeping effect was yesterday! “Our major concern is with our program drawn up by the guides of the Rhon Club tours to prepare so that the visitors of the Rhon can understand them, even if they have missed the day of leadership at the German hiking day 2008″, says Arno Behlau, Managing Director of gistum”, and further explains: all information contained in the program, so that no mobile phone costs incurred for the users.” DIGITAL phone card with the program of LiveWorld render the hiking tours on most commercially available phones. Is the mobile phone via Bluetooth is connected with a separate GPS mouse, the user can receive the satellite-navigation signals and even its current position in the Determine the mobile card on the screen.

LiveWorld is programmed with the latest Java technology and uses GPS and Bluetooth. In addition the card informs in the pass – about sights in nature. Walkers will find also cultural or tourist information such as restaurants, hotels, parking, etc. This information will be presented in multimedia as text, picture, slideshow, audio – or video post. “With the mobile walking or hiking map with multimedia information, the Rhon Club shows vision for promoting tourism in the Rhon: if everyone can bring his map on your mobile, the region for tourism is even more attractive and we win and young people for the hiking”, so Regina Rinke, the Chairman of the Association. You are pleased to make this modern type of navigation of the hiking movement or other frequently also on the German hiking also available. Learn more about the Pro-hikes, the card entries for accommodation in the Rhon, see, email or call 06684 917082 or 0174-1666131. There is also information, whether your phone works.

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Some hotels have gone further. In the Grand Hotel Wien (again, in Vienna) have come up with amusing thing: there is the remote control for everybody in the room combined with a phone and is at bedside. You can not get up from bed, pushing the blinds, opening doors to visitors, to regulate air conditioning and include a warm sauna. Even the Japanese on this mulechki delighted. The classification of hotels: Antiquity as sign style There are wonderful hotels which are in opposition to progress to recreate the spirit and atmosphere of old times. Remember Agatha Christie novel 'Hotel Bertram'? Stop there, where 'the past 200 years, nothing has changed', fashionable and stylish.

Open the door with a huge brass key charm, enjoy the bedroom, lined with silk fabric with roses, to tea in a special room of the finest vusterovskoy cup? 'Relais & Chateaux' (Relaix @ Chateaux) – system boutique hotel is across the globe, with a particular approach to hotel service. They are, incidentally, can be a category-best? 4 *. Hotels features a small number of rooms, individual attitude to the guests, old-fashioned surroundings. Sometimes they located in the ancient castles and inns. These hotels are not chasing modern technology, and try to preserve the flavor of another era. Quite often, these shops appear in the castle, which still live in their owners. For the owner of the castle is a profitable business and the way of earnings (imagine how much support such a family seat at least in relative order?), And for tourists – the opportunity to sit at the table with the this graph, to drink wine from these wineries, organize a real hunting dogs, and so on – all of this? The same kind of chain of hotels that claim to sophistication in a retro style is called 'East Express' (Oriental Express).

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The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Photos, tips, maps for tourists! Bulgaria holds two very well-known vacation areas for adventurers with the sunny beach and golden sands. With this report, we present but also cities such as Varna, Nessebar, Sozopol and Burgas. 1 Sozopol after Burges 34 km / 33 min / 5 Euro 2. Burgas to Nessebar 36 km / 40 min / 9 euro of 3 Nessebar to Varna 101 km / 1:40 h / 18 euro this card free print out? 1 Sozopol to Bourgas 34 km / 33 min / 5 euros the first settlement on the site of the present-day town of Sozopol was founded in the year 609 BC by Greek sailors from Miletus. They called the settlement of Apollonia Pontika named after the God Apollo. Sozopol is therefore the first Greek Kolonoie of the Greeks in the Black Sea.

Because the city of Apollonia Pontika from many disputes of the area was out, the city grew into a major trading power. The city has two enclosed a Bay, protected ports, earning a long-lasting maritime trade and prosperity of the city. Sozopol- About Greece, Bulgaria trade relations of the city went out to Egypt, Syria and Carthage. Prosperity meant that the inhabitants of the city bronze figure build an approx. 14 metre Apollo left, travelers on land and sea in the distance already pointed out the wealthy city. The city had several large temple next to a theater, an Agora and a gymnasium for their gods, such as the Aphrodite. The great influence of the city was only initiated taking 72 BC by the Romans.

The large statue of Apollo was brought to Rome as spoils of war, where she proudly presented as prey in the Coliseum. The figure was melted down in the time of the Christianization of the Roman Empire. After a long time of peace the city re-emerged in the 5 th century A.d.

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Destinations that you can visit should, before they disappear from the map London/Berlin, January 22, 2009 the Earth has to offer many exceptional destinations such as historic buildings, mysterious wetlands or extraordinary inland waters for tourists and world travelers. The only question is: for how long? Global warming, environmental disasters and destruction by humans threaten many holiday paradises and cultural monuments. Travellers should use therefore have the chance to visit these extraordinary places before they completely disappear from the map. Hotels.com unveils five endangered destinations. 1 dead sea, Jordan the image of bathers that relaxed driving on the surface of the water of the dead sea, and read a newspaper, is world renowned.

The most unusual Lake in the world is between the Kingdom of Jordan, the Western neighbour of Israel and the Palestinian territories. About 410 meters below sea level, he is ten salty with a salt content of about 30% as the Mediterranean Sea. The existence of this natural wonder is threatened, because every year the level of the dead sea to about a meter decreases. If this process is not stopped, large parts of the Lake will soon be a salt desert. Hotel tip from the experts: the Golden Tulip Grand Palace Hotel in Amman, about an hour’s drive from the dead sea is located. \”2. the Everglades, Florida, United States, Pumas, crocodiles, pelicans and turtles: the marshes of the Everglades in Florida, also often called River of grass\” is known, is famous for its great biodiversity. The draining of the swamp area and the increasing environmental pollution has a direct impact on the flora and fauna. The strong fall of moist habitats has resulted in that since the beginning of the 20th century until today already 95 percent of the total stock of wader have disappeared. Since the destructive effects of Hurricane Andrew, the area at risk is classified and therefore on the red list of endangered world heritage sites.

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