So it should not be treated anyone in the way that we do not want to treat us. The respect, security and trust: cornerstones for delivery to the customer. The customer deserves respect, facts we all need to feel respected, to be able to radiate to others. Customer needs security and confidence back to our business. The person who feels fully identified with what we do, will return and will be extremely easy to seek our services and we buy again. On the contrary the disappointed and that feels cheated, not returns. The lie cannot be a component of sales in any way.

You can cheat once but not life. It is noted that in both cases we discuss it with their families and loved ones. If you remain dissatisfied, we have perfectly guaranteed offer our services to your referrals; otherwise the negative criterion watering occurs as gunpowder which could not avoid under any circumstances. Work in an ethical and professional manner for the future. A positive view is as important about what we do and the work we develop that sometimes don’t need to sell anything to someone who does not know, for the simple fact of who recommended it to us is satisfied client and was able to sell it for us. In this case the prospectus has all the information and practically we can close the sale. ! Fantastic not! This is achieved by being sufficiently professional. It is achieved acting properly and very important to not work for today, always working for tomorrow, for the future. Work to make enduring residual value we give to our business. Adalberto Dolphy Marketing original author and source of the article Formacion