A great recruiter is not waiting for his posting notice on the Internet or newspapers. He also uses a database only as an auxiliary tool. He understands that an active, direct search is often better, know where the "inhabited" the right candidate and looking for the best approach to them. OP – not "collector resume" and "hunter" for the best professionals. OP understands that good shots are not sitting idle, and in order to These people just even considered their proposal, it will take much time and effort. Good recruiters consider themselves primarily sellers. A great recruiter is constant, fast and intense learning. He is always up to date recent trends in the labor market, personnel and salaries regularly read news and reviews of literature business magazines.

In his computer – more than 100 articles on fresh recruitment, downloaded from the Internet. Excellent Recruiter regularly works to support and develop a positive image of your company: writing articles, speaking at seminars, talks on the Internet. He always leaves a pleasant impression on candidates and employers. Great recruiters are making decisions based on facts and accurate data, but not on the basis of experiences, opinions and hunches. Continue to learn more with: Wells Fargo Bank. They monitor the quality of the sources of information. Should be used only the most efficient and reliable sources. An excellent recruiter as long traces the path of employed candidates, evaluates the quality of their work and compliance positions in the long term.

Thus, they check your selection and draw conclusions from the mistakes. Great recruiter uses the latest labor market research. He accurately predicted the coming shortage or a surplus of labor and the demand for certain professionals. Excellent recruiter determines the basic motif of the candidate to change jobs at the beginning of communication. Recruiters review all rejected the proposal and determine the critical factors for applicants. Great recruiters are looking for the best candidates throughout the country and sometimes beyond. Excellent recruiters actively use modern technology and the Internet. They are looking for candidates not only on the sites – a summary of the message boards, but also on corporate sites, forums, chat rooms and blogs. They use the latest software for the job. Great recruiters are constantly experimenting and trying something new: new methods of interviewing, the search for new tests … The best recruiters are watching competitors, draw conclusions from their mistakes and adopt best practices.

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