And Raul continued speaking: " Because our politicians have only worried to fill their pockets until not being able more, because our politicians when reaching a social-al stop estatus to finish his legislatures are based like advisors in Spanish companies of universal importance, because our politicians are mortgaged our futures to us, because our politicians have turned to us into an underdeveloped and mediocre nation in comparison with some of the European Union. They have been a tremendous fiasco for the Spanish town, that does not deserve it. In the next general elections of the 2012, without still summoning the date, they are going to them to go to vote his p. Good, really, neither their father nor his mother are the guilty of which ours politicians of three to cuarto" the majority has been so ambitious from them, and to major inri, the Art of the Poltica&quot did not know by not to have practiced ;. Like side you, have had bravery to say what pensaba". I include the Spanish and young university boys generally, I include/understand and them, because the crisis has struck to them in deepest of their hearts. The world that waits for to ours young person-self to them feels to me to think, comes represented and loaded with dark rain large clouds interminable, and that predicts that their dreams and illusions disappeared, before they appear the flowers advertisers of the fruit of his efforts: that work so longed for and hoped, that one comes to them every day denying one and thousand times from the year, when any know needs what it to be able to begin their personal and loving experiences. I include the Spanish and young university boys generally, I include/understand and them, because, possibly, if they continue in paro" they will have to transfer to the German nation, that already walks by the footpath of real the economic recovery, with the effort of the Germans and the politicians who govern to them.

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Supposing that a sedentary life takes, which he is associate to a drink conduct, suggests the patient to modify the use of the time of an active way, reducing in this way the relapse probability. In this sense, one sets out the patient to make a listing of alternative activities. P. ex., courses of learning occurs to priority to simple activities, to extend circle of friendships, to call by telephone to friendly . inquires to the patient of the existing distinction between a fall understood as something precise and a relapse returned to the level of initial consumption. One is which, in the case of taking place accidental alcohol consumption, the patient does not return to the previous level of consumption, but it calls to consultation to analyze the reasons that have caused the fall, as well as of preventing the total relapse.

The Disulfiram is eliminated totally. Due to the risk that it supposes mentions the patient in more continuous sessions, later they are amused. A pursuit becomes of the case, so that the patient goes to consultation and the presented/displayed problems are analyzed. As far as the controlled drink program, a specific form to motivate the patient to imply itself in the treatment is to ask to him in the first place that writes its reasons to drink less it in sequence hierarchizes and them of importance. He is recommendable to happen through a period of total abstinence from alcohol of two or three weeks before beginning with the program to drink controlled proper.

The duration of these programs after the period of abstinence oscillates between 10 and 12 weeks. The subjects must reduce the ingestion of alcohol at a moderate level that can be defined as at the most drinking three days to the week, not to consume more than 40 gr. of alcohol 20 gr. women the days of drink, to do it in company, in the course of the meals or immediately later, to drink in places different from the habitual ones, not to enter the bars to buy tobacco and to go to the sessions of therapy without drinking. One is not due to never drink when the patient feels bad gotten depressed, irritable, worried, etc. or in a situation of physical wearing down. The controlled drink programs also imply other specific norms: to begin to drink to one more hour more delayed of the habitual thing, to limit itself two alcoholic consumptions by food, not to return to use until one has not finished the glass, to leave the glass in the table enters sucks and sucks, to take at least 15 minutes by each alcoholic consumption and to not less than consume it in 6 sorbos, to put in long tablecloths or festive events some drink without alcohol, to change the type from drink to another one of smaller graduation, to use minors amounts minicanes instead of canes, chupitos instead of glasses, as far as possible to avoid the carbon dioxide gas presence in spirits note except the alcohol but is stronger. Finally, two important rules: to learn to reject glasses and to look for new forms to spend the time that do not imply the alcohol consumption.

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We are living an uncertain economic cycle and full of negative energies that arrive from all parts and they flood everything, causing no longer current, but cracked and cataracts of bad vibrations that fills everything to it and clear, our company, business, office that is what is your place of work free of them. Here you have simple advice to release to your office or place of work of the so ominous negative energies: To renew the office does not mean works is not to throw monumental walls and reforms; a little painting that renews the color touch even can be sufficient or a deep cleaning if office is your home or your workstation. It renews the furniture of office To change to a table or the old woman new chairs by and modern ones or to perhaps add a bookcase or what so a whim as a coffee pot. The idea is to fill of positive energy the office, pear to have better results. It thinks in detail of color is not necessary to have square original of Andy Warhol to give life with I touch of color; pictures of flowers are enough, of the style that you prefer so that the walls of your office or workstation has a new energy.

A plant in the office uses the energy of the plants or work place is an excellent catalyst of the bad vibrations, absorbing the negative energies and releasing the atmosphere, which produces an improvement in the climate of the human relations, as much within the same company, as with the people outside her. The light is important Not only for the productivity we needed an illuminated good office, also is necessary for the atmosphere that is created within her. An office or illuminated bad dark work area or is a magnet for the negative energies. One is not to become crazy or crazy everywhere putting light bulbs and to turn the office into a plate, simply one is to look for the balance between amount of light and consumption so that the office or work area is illuminated of such form that is created a clear and cleared atmosphere, that it favors the concentration. uses the power of the flowers the plants as it said to you before are great the catalytic ones of the bad energies and among them, the flowers by its great one vitality, beauty and color are an absolutely positive element to create a good atmosphere of work. Relajantes and glad, the flowers contribute to energies and natural essences of colors and aromas, that act in our receptive system, balancing and recovering the harmony. As you see, one is small changes and details that allow that any office or space of work renews, even if you think about renewing the office furniture, since it is possible to find very good furniture office second hand and accessories nearly money. Furniture of office? Before deciding it dates a return by the Web from Tormoy Systems you will not be able to be thought what there is and to prices you do not say to me that they have not said it to you.

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When we submerged in the analysis regarding thousand of norms and procedures that the workers of a company must verify, they are called working, technical, professional, specialistic, executive, pilots, players, scientists, chaplains, politicians or any other denomination, does not matter how it is wanted to them to call, does not concern the name that takes, all are workers mrese by where it is watched, we reached the direct conclusion that invariably all are expert of those norms and procedures of control. Nevertheless they know them like the back of her hand more than others. There are perfectionist that is divided the shoulder to improve their tasks, some are slow and been relaxing, also aiming of step are that them dishonest with respect to the norms known in their company, they do not fulfill them by anything, therefore they gamble the labor contract. Between thousands and the one questions that we can be done and that we chose at random are, for example why the opposition to the utility of the norms of internal control? How to explain those isolate behaviors detrimental? It will be that the solution is to throw to the confused one? Exists some mechanism to activate the labor automatic control? Certain that there is much fabric to cut? With the labor automatic control the will of the worker is pronounced towards the yield and the perfection, so that their actions will be channeled towards the fundamental thing, fulfilling you rule implanted and increasing the value and continuous effort in its work, doing to the less important side. It goes beyond its possibilities and one extends to the hopes of the organization, registering numbers extra, sensible at the time of the evaluations, necessary to advance like individual and important for the progress of the company. Aside from the aforesaid thing, incredibly to accept that it has been committed an error automatic control for autoperdn is required and the autocorrection, so that the employee soon is able to pardon and to help to correct the errors of the other, those of its companions.

This is another important question how to make to correct the lack of attention in work? As well as the mind of an athlete of high performance trains, is like must train the mind of a worker, warning that to program that training it is an exclusive commitment of the leaders of the company. The automatic control in the work is a main norm within all the norms, instilled to learn continuously to use it in the execution of the tasks and responsibilities. When the individual is working needs concentration to the limit, for that reason its mind requires training or otherwise it will affect the own results and the result of the others. It can hope that the workers dominate their task with efficiency we prepared if them of advisable way, so that are they themselves who frequently are evaluating it.