The constitution as a prototype, is formed on the foundations built by the nations of the earth in the field of their experience. Every constitution is shaped to land a particular people. If we tried to use the laws of a nation for a large number of nations. Perhaps we would destroy. Every town needs its own laws, which does not mean that the creation of unjust laws and violent must be accepted by people, quite the opposite, violent and unjust laws must be submitted in the domain of reason focused on a set of powerful nations. Which must renew the same for all mankind. Since a violent nation contaminates all others. 19) documents are clearly nonsense.

But the constitution is a national document. And nothing more important to a powerful people who keep all of his life to national security. Everything that the latter will attack the target of target. The biggest threat to the constitution is ignored compliance which applies to all men living in a nation, are leaders or civilians. So if a country is not skilled enough to do it, those countries should intervene if they have such power, in order to preserve global security. Legislators who rule on the face of the earth, I assure you as a principle of absolute certainty that there will never be nicer quality, universal, majestic and powerful than love. If this sentiment is part of the essence of thought dwell in our souls, all men on earth would live with dignity.

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