DPS Administrative Code Inspector himself should assist you in bringing witnesses. Try to fit in record information about the witnesses brought in by you, and in explanations or in the minutes state: “When excited for me to present an administrative case, I in the presence of 2 witnesses (Name, contact details) drafted the act of photographing the roadway, confirming the lack of road signs (marking lines), indicating the abort maneuver me. ” At worst, if not living in conflict with the law inspector DPS resist the draw of witnesses and to place information about their participation in the protocol required to certify to the court information will remain on the recorder. Since not every camera can be immediately after photographing automatically issue a print out photos, you need to add: “In connection with the technical costs, I will provide photos directly to a hearing.” According to Section 13.22. Order of the Interior Ministry on 20 April 1999 N 297 on end of the shift DPS inspector must return all of the identified offenses made up the materials, along with documents in the duty section. Further, by virtue of subsection 70.4.

Order Ministry of the Interior on March 1, 1999 N 150 after the end DPS inspector change materials passed to the duty part, they must be immediately registered. ame conclusion. Thus, after the protocol inspector DPS has no right to collect any evidence in the case, and the driver right, because the law for it is not prohibited. If the inspector DPS through their actions (threats, actual physical force) will not take photographs and draw up an act, then this procedure can be continued after your material.

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