Green IT-components off cost eaters in the Office Hamburg/empty, 07 December 2009 when the Germans decreases the willingness to save energy. This shows the current climate barometer the consultancy co2online in Berlin. Just Office workers are often not the significant costs for their employer aware. Because big cost drivers and polluters in business computers, peripherals and office equipment. The intelligent energy management solutions by ELV counter: whose radio-based home control devices reduce power and heating costs by up to 30 percent annually. In contrast to costly buildings such as thermal insulation, these solutions already offer a high ROI (return on investment) at relatively low cost in the first year.

According to co2online climate barometer 2009 only 49 percent of those surveyed reported in the second quarter, pay attention to their energy consumption. Last year, there were still 69 percent at the same time. Contrary to the general decline of interest on Energy-saving measures should not be forgotten however, that the cost of electricity and heat in Germany at a high level are. Especially in the enterprise, computers, peripherals and office equipment cause unnecessary costs, if they are not turned off. Since therefore these components even in idle state consume significant amounts of energy.

Also radiators in offices often unnecessarily running bustle and remain active despite tipped Windows over many hours. The radiators are thus not economically operated and become energy guzzlers. Here, a suitable Green-IT-concept ensures a saving both electricity and heating costs. This the reduce CO2 emissions in Office buildings is also sustainable, without compromising the user experience. Energy-saving potential in business areas profitably use ELV’s home control solutions enable numerous savings opportunities for an energy-efficient office workstations. So can connected to the mains Devices, such as printers or copiers, radio-based outlets (E.g. FS20) automatically, depending on the needs are on and off. To reduce the heating energy consumption, equipped room thermostats in conjunction with radiator thermostats and valves represent with wireless technology of FHT80 series an economical solution.