Orientation in the Forderdschungel dach.de experts explain which projects a financial support can be expected. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out johny ive. Who wants to rebuild, has since January 2009 comply with the provisions of the “EnEV” and therefore couldn’t come to build energy-efficient and to reduce its costs. Large savings potential is there but also for old buildings: above all a roof helps effectively to reduce heating costs. The refurbishment is supported from sides of the State, the municipalities and the banks through various programs, know experts of Dach.de, the leading online portal around the topic of roofing. The support ranges from soft loans, and loans to grants for certain rehabilitation schemes. As a general rule: who applied for a promotion, should do so before the start of construction work, otherwise the promotion because of form errors could be null and void. With a roof are so-called individual measures, such as, for example, the insulation of the roof and the top Support floor or the renewal of the roof window of the KfW-bank with maximum 50,000 euro per residential unit.

A subsequent thermal insulation of the roof has more additional benefits in addition to the energy cost savings. So, can the roof be converted in the course of the renovation quickly and easily to a further living room and accommodates, for example, a job or hobby room. Extra slim and sophisticated insulation structures shall ensure that the living room it is not reduced. Another way to save on energy costs and to be promoted by the Government offers the solar system. In the months from April to September, the complete hot water consumption can be covered with the help of the Sun. With a photovoltaic system, however, is not only environmentally friendly and free electricity use at the same time you can make even more money with this variant. Because the electricity is fed into the public electricity grid, currently 43 cents per kilowatt hour electricity are paid. A tip of the dach.de experts: ever larger collector area, the higher the Government grant.

An overview of the different promotion types provides, inter alia, the funding database on dach.de. Offers not only an initial orientation, you determined the individual cost advantages for specific modernization projects.

Demand and supply of stair lifts rose again in the year 2010 at double-digit percentages. The market of used stair lifts rose 2010! There are various reasons for this. One of the main reasons that the society in Germany will always tend to be older, also repeated recent studies prove is likely. A stair lift is in many German households in which old or disabled people live very useful. If spoken to purchase a stair lift, this will be mostly a reason to consider. The House or the apartment is not disabled or elderly-friendly style. This means that the person concerned freely and independently can move.

But even children are dependent on these stair lifts, because they may also suffer from a disability. Stair lifts provide relief, not only for those affected but also for nationals or for nursing staff which serves it in the worst case. Just imagine, in a House, the bedroom is on the first floor and in the basement bathroom! How should affected overcome this route without help? Is an adult to wear down the stairs, high physical exertion, even when a child what weighs for example 25 kg, which is almost impossible in the long run. Unfortunately problems arise with the purchase of a stair lift again. Such a purchase is very expensive. Perhaps this is also a reason why repeatedly refuse to bear the costs of health insurance. Therefore recommends the purchase of a used stair lift. Whether over the Internet or through newspaper ads. A stair lift makes matters easier in everyday life. Do yourself something good!

Not the insulation is thick air in house or apartment. Improper ventilation is often the cause. Marktredwitz still keeps the mistaken belief that a home because modern insulation could no longer breathe. With this opinion, the home owners are wrong. Because the modern house wall must be virtually airtight according to DIN 4108 – with or without thermal insulation. No more than two percent of the air escape today through the walls.

Cause of thicker air in house or apartment is, therefore, incorrect or even no air – not the insulation. Walls can not breathe just two percent of the humidity to escape over the walls of a house or an apartment. The remaining 98 percent must be removed by blowing into the room. Here is an example: in a bedroom five liter moisture occur at night. Of them, only 100 millilitres of the wall be removed. The remaining 4.9 litres must be transported by ordinary shock airing in the open. Walls must sealed his DIN 4108 has the almost airtight wall to the target. Because any leak means that heat and thus expensive energy through the walls of the House is lost.

In today’s energy prices can, want, and to well informed property owners no longer afford it. Modern thermal insulation has however nothing to do. Engineering has changed the behavior of use of not earlier window or roof truss structures had lots of loopholes through which sometimes the wind whistled. Who does not remember the colourful window – and door snakes made of fabric. You should protect against draughts on Windows and doors in the autumn and winter. There an unwanted air and heat circulation took place, that is no longer affordable. Meanwhile, high energy costs to seduce little heat. Revealed is often hardly because the insulated, warm apartment is not cool. Properly therefore the Pro Tip for proper airing and thick air air against thick air: at least three times on the day for five minutes Air shock. This brings fresh and fresh air into the living rooms and the walls don’t cool differently as Windows at permanently tilted. Thermal insulation brings nothing? An end to this myth of the insulation. More information can be found on. The unveiling of the 4 insulating myth takes place on December 1, 2009. In total, six insulation myths be dissolved and refuted, to dispel unfounded prejudices. Company profile the Colfirmit Rajasil GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of special materials for building renovation and thermal insulation system with its two brands Rajasil building renovation and rear MultiTherm. Colfirmit Rajasil headquartered in Marktredwitz is active for more than 100 years on the market. As a company of the BASF Group, Colfirmit Rajasil is part of the leading chemical company in the world with about 200 employees. In the modern fully automated production facilities in the Colfirmit Rajasil mineral ready-mixed dry mortars and special building materials become the permanent preservation of valuable historical buildings but also for new construction projects produced. The product range includes masonry, truss, facade and stone restoration, under – and finishing coats as well as painting and EIFS.

Layer of mineral wool insulation keeps heat from living under the roof? As many now in the summer – not first think on the wonderful Vista starry nights – it’s too warm and stuffy living rooms. There appear coolly inhabitants before the mind’s eye, which does not come to rest. There’s everything – in non-assembled or badly heat-protected roof spaces. The experts by dach.de, the leading Internet portal for builders around the topic of roof, show what can afford a modern insulation and how she must be designed. Because the right material ensures perfect climate under the draft at any time and in any weather.

A best practice is the between-Rafter insulation glass wool. Thus also retrofitting is not a problem. In the summer it under the umbrella of pretty hot: in most homes, the sun burns completely unfiltered on the slant – rare trees provide some shade. Up to 120 degrees emerge on the surface. The roof while holding back a great deal of heat. But what penetrates is sufficient to make the top-floor sauna and also to heat the whole House. An effective insulation is so essential.

Each insulation – whether under the roof or in another area of the building – the energy saving Regulation (EnEV) requirements must be observed. Save energy, what has to do with the summer heat? Very much, say the experts at dach.de: what is good against cold, also protects against heat. Insulating glass wool have excellent insulating properties even in summer, because you can store the heat during the day. Only in the cooler night hours, they emit absorbed heat. In the winter, this principle works the other way around. Proven, have flexible for this task and compressed glass wool packaged Terminal felts. This building material is available in sufficient thickness and can be easily processed. Slim rollers with much insulation in stable storage, transport and handling on the building site. The thickest insulation – necessarily by a shading with blinds or Blinds must – be supplemented uses but not much when the hot air can enter through open cracks and joints in the roof. Which causes an unpleasant indoor climate summer and winter. Dach.de experts recommend wind and air tight to make the roof with a steam brake slide. This layer seals even the smallest openings and prevents also a penetration of water vapour in the insulated roof. An essential protective function, because that has become wet insulation loses its performance and on the Attic mold could spread. Already, there are active steam brake foils, so-called climate membranes, which can react flexibly to temperature and moisture differences and again dry has become so even wet roofs. You have also have a protective function, with their aroma leak so evt. containing wood preservatives not in the living room can emit. The insulation – in new construction as in the subsequent expansion – is today mostly between the beams, the so called rafters. introduced. As material comes mostly glass wool, which can be simply to clamp between the rafters. Glass wool not only excellent retains heat and cold, but stops also the sound noticeable and is non-flammable. The steam brake foil is glued on top of this layer. In many old buildings, but the rafters are not high enough for a sufficiently thick insulation.

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EMOTON has built up now this problem on refined clay plaster, very “natural” solved! Previously unsuitable for use in hot and tropical areas, this heating and cooling was Variant. b2.html’>Anchin Block. Innovative modular heating cooling system on the market, with great potential for commercial construction, restaurants and hotels. This largely biological system eliminates air conditioners. There are requests from Dubai. The mission: A pioneering heating and cooling concept was conceived for the ETECH-Center, an office building in construction in Linz. EMOTON should establish a system in the entire building, which even temper of the object at a low energy level in the commercial construction allows. Function: The clay plaster known still from our grandfather times has cooling effect due to evaporation of buffered water, and has been developed to be far more effective sound plaster.

The company EMOTON succeeded to defuse the so far dreaded condensation on the surface by special coating of clay plaster. Large amounts of water from the air can be recorded in the cooling mode and returned at night. This building material, was also developed in Upper Austria with best values for healthy indoor climate and represents the basis for these components. The elements: wood, clay plaster, systems – soft fiber boards and the hose system form essentially materials for these custom components. Approx. 1 x 2.30 metres tall are the standard dimensions this heating cooling modules mounted on the walls and the tubing are connected by joints. Effect: The best energy is the one that is not required. A cooling surface ensures extremely fast heat or cold through Strahlung-depending on the need.

In the cooling mode, this area can reach 80% more power compared to previous systems. This means Austria’s already enormous savings even in the warmer East and makes it clear how unnecessary another install air-conditioning represents. Reactions: Many architects of the German speaking countries were aware of this system and check use in objects under construction already. The stakes could be interesting also for hotel and catering “, said a famous Viennese architect. Through this technical achievement, it seems for the first time in daytime very hot and tropical countries use radiation cooling systems, allowing much more pleasant indoor climate without draughts in addition to big energy savings. First questions for the Arab region are already! Press contact: Weihtrager Harald GF / building Biologe IBN EMOTON clay Interior plaster GmbH Schnopfhagenplatz 14 4173 St. Veit / MKR. Tel: + 43 (0) 7217/8004 fax: + 43 (0) 7217/20725 EMOTON is an Austrian producer and distributor of natural building materials such as clay, clay plasters and wooden soft fibreboards. For 3 years we approach that our clients not only natural products, but mainly solutions are looking for. We combine this with the Innenausbausystemen developed in our House.

The applications of laser distance meter are so versatile, the requirements are as varied. Therefore, Stanley brings three new models with different equipment. The new Stanley laser rangefinders offer many different features the professional. You can check the dimensional stability of spaces with them to measure E.g. surfaces and volume, as well as distances despite obstacles, or performing calculations for the installation of cables and pipes. Handyman in turn use them for renovation and construction planning works, E.g. in places that they can not measure with measuring tape and folding rule.

All three new community: In contrast to other instruments such as folding metre rule and measuring tape, they are versatile, fast, precise and offer the advantage that they automatically calculate results. To read more click here: Hyundai. So they save not only time, but also cost, because they facilitate the calculation of materials and prices. ALLROUNDER for direct and indirect measurements of the laser rangefinder TLM330 from Stanley is a 119 x 64 x 28 mm and 110 g handy and can take in any trousers and jacket pocket. It convinces by its wide range of functions and many features. Its operation is simple and intuitive, because the keys are provided with unique symbols. The TLM330 measures distances using a target plate up to 100 m to 1 mm precision, which is above the typical for these devices measuring accuracy of 1, 5 mm. The three-line display allows to read single and final results of several measurements at a glance thanks to backlight even in conditions of poor visibility.

Practical: If necessary, a tail at the bottom of the device can be folded out for safe measuring out of corners or edges, and measurements can be taken from front and back edge. The laser is also mounted on a tripod, which extends its range of application. Key lock, automatic shut-off, history storage for 20 readings and acoustic signal Additionally facilitate the handling.


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So you can make the blind opaque by a small movement of a train or the gap, through which the Sunlight seems so far in reducing that it no longer hides. Is similar to the double blind a blind visually and functionally a bit by the horizontal stripes, works through its textile and partly very decorative hangings, but much homely. The sunlight as with a blind can be focused by the changing position of the opaque and transparent strips. If you would like to order a double rollover cheap, you can search for the right size and color at different providers for standard double blinds. Crucial for the fit is just the width, since the amount Yes individually through to and can regulate the unwinding of the roller blind fabric. Skylight blinds on skylights blinds provided especially high demands on the fit and sunscreen properties. This must be tailored for the most part, there are the various sizes of roof Windows. This is unfortunately very expensive but almost again unique. This is the rail and fabric paint, as well as the exact shade mostly with the provider model (Base, multi stop or comfort) select itself. For a blind that is often prolonged or intense sunlight, Rollerblind the lightfastness plays an important role. It is an important quality characteristic and divided into a Solarbox scale after DIN 53952. When each roller blind fabric material and maintenance properties, but also the light-fastness is not only its sunscreen properties such as transmission, reflection and absorption, as well as other. It can be seen, dassnur quality fabrics for roller blinds are offered, providing even a beautiful sight even after many years in the Sun. Last but not least, we can say that the blind has lost none of its charm over the years and enjoys today, just like earlier, equal popularity.

The position of the individual key cabinets was chosen so that the staff no longer than 8-16 kilometres between the key portfolios and the related service center drive. Economically positive resulted from a substantial reduction in staff and travel costs. Each key user is now logged, responsible and can be verified easily! Traka produced a culture change within the company earlier what staff used, easy to access in a jacket pocket and take out any key. Anyone had ever any key. TRAKA has now given an order throughout the process of the key movements each person is now responsibility for their actions. Why was the decision on Traka? Martin Harvey explains: “we came with TRAKA first at IFSEC 2006 contact… and recognized very quickly, our existing system achieve the security and functionality of the TRAKA system… so that we in July 2007, after a thorough market analysis, decided to use a system as a pilot project.

The test phase was directly very successful and therefore, the Executive Board decided the entire company with another 22 systems to equip. Who manages the Traka system and is as easy to use? The daily use of the TRAKA system is very simple because the existing card reader built into the key cabinets, the usual employee cards right could continue to use the responsible personnel, and thus entered a transition phase. Since each employee had not centrally located be ensured that any authorized person on all cabinets has access in case of emergency. This was achieved through the WAN networking. Central, all 23 key cabinets by a trained administrator from the security headquarters are maintained and monitored.

This is for the assignment and erasure corresponding user responsible, as well as for the review of management reports. Thanks to the self-explanatory graphical user interface of the software, it is very easy to perform changes in the structure of the key or in the authorization. For any questions, a quick phone call helps the TRAKA support. Around the world in daily use, it speaks for itself, that systems of TRAKA at the radio station of the Vatican, the FBI, in intelligence, in large hotel facilities, amusement parks, in diamond mines, oil refineries, in casinos, in the care services in hospitals, jeweller’s shops, in police stations, in military installations, ships, security companies, data centers, under the management of CIT, in banks and central banks with the bis in Basel, in parliaments, in Royal houses, power plants, in the drinking water supply, in large logistics centres with 100en of forklift trucks as well as the operation and the maintenance of heavy industrial equipment and machines apply. The electronic key cabinets and specialized equipment of TRAKA are free scalable systems and adapt flexibly to companies of all sizes and in every application, no matter whether you want to manage 10 or 10,000 slots.