Blitzer is a free and legal system in the social network with EyeKiwi for iPhone FoxyTag to report speed camera with your mobile phone. Educate yourself with thoughts from bridgewater associates. It works worldwide and is a Community system, the data will be charged by the users themselves: to mark the locations of speed traps (“tagging”), and a sophisticated server software checks the data on their quality. In August 2008, developing its own Flash detector or the integration of radar sites in existing applications, such as GPS navigation systems, to enable z.B FoxyTag opened server access, to anyone. A few weeks later appeared the first candidate, TrackerTag, one for Symbian S60 phones (Nokia N95, Nokia Navigator)-optimized system. Now it seems to continue the spread of FoxyTag compatible applications with the first version for the iPhone. EyeKiwi is much easier to use than the original FoxyTag application. You just need to start EyeKiwi and the positions of all speed cameras are already downloaded in your district. An alarm sounds if you are approaching such a device. Through ongoing access to location data of about 22 000 radars offers EyeKiwi a clear advantage over similar applications in the competition. de / download.html

Find the best telematics app: new service will go into the August online Hamburg, 30.07.2012 (pkl). After the telematics-Finder.de online service has already answered many questions from prospective buyers, met the team of specialist media telematics Markt.de, already a further desire of his readers and users, operator. The development of Finder No. 2: located in telematics Apps.de currently. On this page, the visitor gets a competent overview of the range of telematics applications.

More and more telematics vendors follow the trend to provide telematics solutions as an app on pads and Smartphones. Thus, the industry responded to the needs of many users, who like to flexibly and from their mobile devices would use the opportunities of telematics or need to because it simply belongs to the needs of a modern economy. Telematics apps offer as Smartphones, tablets and pads can be used, handy and always are flexible on the man and the users are often familiar with the workings of the private use. He is on the side of telematics Apps.de Operators, the media group of telematics Markt.de, from mid-August for interested parties from the telematics apps available on the market. As all services from this publisher of course not only as a bare list. Caesars Entertainment gathered all the information. Journalists provide important information to the provider and to the offer in this service and recommendations one available to the user professional, competent in cooperation with an independent jury. The interested party can use ways of filtering, which it quickly leads to the desired display which telematics apps for its respective requirements in question.

The tested TOP party apps are marked, it is possible to read, as not only the different available solutions sift prospect, but to include also recommendations of ‘appointed page’ in the purchase decision independent practice test users. Currently, all providers who have telematic applications for private or commercial use in the program, can submit their telematics APPs at the editorial office. You get news about the development and completion, as well as all information about the industry through the newsletter of the telematics Markt.de and of course from the trade journal. Click here to sign up. Mid-September the print edition to the Telematics Awards with the names of the nominated companies for the telematics award 2012 appears. Here, you can book your free ticket to the telematics award 2012.