At the time of terrorism, blackouts were frequent, and therefore it was usual for several clinics have generator, but … some were not, others were slow to purchase one, and finally the Ministry of Health has not controlled this area, so that In some clinics had the generator as far away from the Warden and operating room, thus artificial light lingered be restored and those minutes were sometimes fatal. One night, late at night, we were operating in the clinic we called Eye and Ear and in that, after we got the Fetus and suturing the uterus were … there was a power outage and started screaming Vigilante! … Turn on motorrrrrr !…. Vigilanteeeeeee! And pray that you listened to And until the light comes …

We could not wait! We had to sew lit by two spotlights, one by Dr. George and other art by Spain, who lit up following the movements of my hand, the angle, the angle doctor! – I told him-in allusion to the first point to be put in the uterus, the most important, then the second layer of the uterus and the light does not shine!, Alvarado !… Review Review! – demanded I, Dr. Jorge had to attend because the patient was also an anesthesiologist, I would stay with the reflector in the mouth and well finished suturing the uterus when we were in the parietal peritoneum was light, but we had already eaten the huge corn of the suture of the uterus. At the end of Caesarea, we congratulate the family, the rooms had candles, outside the streets were dark, the light of some cars lit up the city, Bethlehem Hospital was a mole imposing well-lit!, It was already 3am .

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