Offers of the development agency to winning new steps Petra Sorge inspire dos Santos in Hamburg, an experienced intercultural trainer and coach, catalyst and presenter for change management and diversity management, intercultural competence extends the development agency of Neuss. Petra Sorge dos Santos: “it people, the products and services are created. People are the ones who work in new markets. The greatest potential lies in the mind of each individual. Potential to recognize and promote, is our passion.” The changes of demographic change in the age and cultural background situation in Germany companies felt directly and with unbridled force.

Because there are more and more older people in Germany and young adults, whose Eltern immigrated to transform the business and sales focus. Employees and companies must follow the changed realities, if they want to continue to provide their services or want to sell their products. This requires skilled workers, for example, motivated to follow the structural changes in the economy and actually do it. The thinking of young and older people from different cultures must be United under the Geschaftsphilosphie of the company. Josef W. Kirchhartz, Managing Director of the development agency in Neuss, Germany: “Employers will have to prepare increasingly, having employees with intercultural background”, he says. “Some companies have expanded the search for future professionals once their RADIUS and have come to Africa to countries outside Europe. With Petra Sorge we have added dos Santos coach as well as catalyst, an experienced intercultural trainer and presenter for change management and diversity management in our area of competence.” Petra Sorge dos Santos Petra Sorge dos Santos daily collaborates with experts from several cultures.

The trained graduate teacher is a master of NLP and identity compass consultant. Before she began to advise German companies, she was as Project consultant first internationally. Several times, she has lived personal change, not only in other cultures.

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As our communication in everyday life takes place, is located on us alone. How our thoughts frequency every day turns out, is a record of everything we think every day and talk. During childhood, we hear the words of our environment, feel the thoughts of our parents, teachers and classmates, take up like a sponge, later to use and reproduce it in the form of its own. At some point will we aware that we can customise our language and we hear ourselves think if we take the time to do so. In all our relations “Positive word” can produce something changed, something new… So how you speak like you. We listen to successful people, who are aware of themselves and have recognized their creativity in everyday life and live, so we conclude that the statements often very pleasant touch us.

Language can be emotional, but also emotional. We would rather follow which always depends on what state we are ourselves. We are open to new ideas and we want growth and success, so We hear like positive words and uplifting, empowering stories of those who are already in a position that we strive for. It is always beneficial to read biographies or portraits of such successful personalities and to absorb, which statements are made. That’s what we think we are. That’s what we think about others, we are.

We even create our reality and that’s what happens in your head, with words and images, and we reflect on the outside with our language. If we recognize that we are responsible for everything in our lives and not in economy and politics, yet the banks in some way for our well-being are responsible, but we ourselves, we also recognize that we can program our own. At least since “Dr.Joseph Murphy” or “Napeolon Hill”, know we, that the power of positive thinking can change our reality and we have ourselves every day, every moment in his hand and this in the direction, the we for our own best good have decided to steer can.

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PR alarm goes in Germany at the start of the new PR service provider PR-alarm for customers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland supplemented its range to three new low-priced promotions. New customers also receive a discount on their first order by 10%. It is no secret that the website gets increasingly in the center of the marketing activities of companies, institutions, organizations and associations. “But this flood of new sites has its drawbacks: the website may in the sea of Internet” soon perish if not regularly updated news and interesting news are available to site visitors. Exactly for this purpose, PR alarm developed new offerings that might be interesting also for small and medium-sized enterprises. Since it is professionally written and search engine optimized press releases that generate new visitors to the website and provide for higher rankings in search engines in the first place. Already from euro 149 (plus VAT) PR-alarm customers can a professional Create let press release or news message for your site. Advantage for customers: In contrast to online ads, which appear in limited and again raise advertising costs at renewal, press releases and news on the Web remain existent and point out sustainable on their own website.

So to get a higher and especially sustainable return. Prerequisite: The news or press releases are professionally written and tailored to the requirements of the Internet. This professional copywriter and PR professionals who have years of experience and successfully worked for a variety of subjects and clients the special player in a niche industry to DAX companies provide PR alarm. The promotions of PR alarm run initially until the end of 2010. More offers and information under: PR alarm headquartered in Stuttgart is the new PR services for small, medium and large companies, institutions, organizations and associations in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

Belongs to the core business the creation of professional news and press releases for customers in all industries. Objective: Sustained more visitors on your website and higher search engine rankings. Industry focus are IT, Bauen & Wohnen, automotive, financial services and non-profit organisations of PR alarm. The range create news and press releases to the development of newsletters and customer magazines and other classic PR services. Burkhard Anderko

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