In this article we will teach your dog exercise dog obedience in 5 stages. * Need:-rewards for our dog, reward will consist of candies for dogs or other food. -A clicker. ‘Ll teach you our dog to pay attention, we go by stages to achieve the objective that we look to eyes to call him. Stage 1: ignore the reward hold a reward with your hand and call your dog’s attention, but not let you take it. We keep arm’s length without releasing the reward, the dog at the beginning will be restless and will try to take it, but we will not let it.

Eventually the dog will be calm and we will look at, at that very moment we will make sonar the clicker. ** In this first stage no matter if we look not to the face, you should not only look the reward.This procedure is performed around 10 times. Stage 2: look you in the face on this occasion will repeat what has been done in stage 1, but this time will be more strict in terms of our goals, and will be able to give you the reward only when we look to the face. At this stage the Clicker will be of more help, because that will tell the dog precisely the right time which did things well. We will make sonar the clicker and give the reward at the time, this also will repeat it 10 times.

Stage 3 as third stage, will deepen about our procedure looking for this time that the dog look at our ojos.* at each stage, if the dog responds well 8 out of 10 times you can pass to the next stage. Stage 4: in the last stage we descend gradually the reward to be within reach of the dog, our goal will be that dog choose look at us to us rather than the reward even though it is within your reach. Stage 5: we now repeat the exercise by entering the order, we will reward the animal only if it responds in the time of the order, can be tuned, for example. ** It is important that you degrees your dog immediately after sounding the clicker, so not confuses it. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks.

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