It is true that no one would work in a company if they do not pay. I’ve heard people say that “work of necessity.” I have seen people who hoard money only for the simple fact of being “safe” economically. But “not live by bread alone man.” In this article I will mention what should be the real value of money?. It is usually considered money as a reinforce of external behavior (ie as you do with your pet. If this does “luck” that has taught him, you get a prize.

In this case is more money). *** This is true in many cases but not all. Why?. *** Imagine a person you are looking for a lot of money by the “mere fact of feeling” that this progress and develop. To that person, the amount of money (amount) that will get the (index) their level of self-realization, which won the money becomes the measure of how much has failed to meet their personal needs.

The money, in fact, is valued for its “exchange value”: each person gets the money that particularly interests him. Some seek money just to satisfy their physiological needs (food, shelter, clothing). *** Others seek mainly to gain power or prestige within a social group in which they operate. *** There are also those who wish to cater to different types of need, such as security and independence. The incentive money Money can be used as a powerful weapon incessant, if used properly. Words must be related to the effort made by the person or the results achieved by this. *** If the worker does establish the link between what does and what you get, then the person “learns” the desired behavior. *** For this connection “mental” has devised a series of incentive schemes. *** An example for plant operating personnel: They typically pay a fixed amount per unit produced, so that individuals strive to increase their level of productivity in order to get the money you want. *** In the case of administrative staff, the most common is to evaluate its merits to decide, based on this evaluation, a certain level of compensation. *** Now do you know that your staff uses the money it receives? (Just to eat), “good enough for what he does (remember the link)? Have not you wondered why you feel (unconsciously) that, sooner rather than later will ask for a rise? *** I met a manager who landed the subject, said: “Do not wake the sleeping ghosts of dissatisfaction, if you can not deal with them ….” I think the benefit of your business and climate the same work it is time to answer those questions.

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