Apple 1975 Altair 8800 pc about 1500 U.S. dollars. Altair computer was based on the 8080 microprocessor from Intel, it has not been possible to connect a monitor and keyboard. The user enters in a pc program using 16 toggle switches, and the result is displayed with using led lights in binary form, of course it was possible for the convenience of buy teletaypovy interface, but its price was unreasonably high. The basic idea with which to create the first computer from Apple – ease of use and accessibility for a wide range of customers. If you are not convinced, visit patrick dwyer merrill lynch. Founded the company, Apple, the two friends – Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in California.

In 1975, Steve Jobs has worked for Atari has been a leading manufacturer of video games, and Steve Wozniak, meanwhile, worked at hp, not without a certain generating computational calculators. Wozniak has long wanted to realize the dream of your own pc, but expensive processor by Motorola and Intel did not allow him to realize his ideas. But when resigning from Motorola’s designers have started to sell the processor 6502, a record low price (8 times cheaper than Intel) – Steve Wozniak seized the moment and has developed the programming language basic, and a computer with a processor 6502. Steve Jobs saw the invention, persuaded Wozniak to bring the device to this computer, which could have been sold – so was born the first world computer Apple I.

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