A damaged credit is certainly a serious matter. To solve the problem, a person has to be ready and determined to take positive measures. Below lists ten steps people with Main credit must do to be free calls of as consiguir credit report and clean it. 1. Go easy on their credit cards. Obviously, you don’t want to accumulate more debt carrying costs on their credit cards. If you have credit cards, keep them somewhere secure and out of their reach.

2. Examine your credit report staff clean credit. When was you checked your report the last time? In some cases, a low credit account could be a result of errors in the report. The best way to be safe is to request a copy of your report from each of the three major credit offices. This way, you can check real for each of your accounts.

3. The arrangement in its report errors. You should know that errors on your report can be fixed or removed. You need only send a letter to the Office that issued its report to ask for correction. Include a photocopy of your report with the incorrect items marked clearly. You can also include (non-original) photocopies of receipts or documents that support its demand. 4. Continue with their accounts. How you submit your payments can make or break your final credit account. Please present the payment history comprises 35% of the degree of solvency so submit payments time is crucial in the improvement of Main credit. 5. Do not send multiple applications. When you submit a usage to a lending company, an investigation will be made in your report and you can lose a point with each investigation. If you want to get a loan, do your research carefully before sending use your chosen lender. 6. Never close an account with an existing balance.

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