One of the first challenges that has people who want to do business on the internet is the investment they have to do. Many people think that needed several hundreds of dollars, but in this article I will show you that you will only need $1.00 to start to generate several dollars that you then reinviertas and grow your business like the foam. What you need to start your business? The first thing you need is to have a capture page where the visitor will leave your data or a way of having them. We can use a fan page in facebook, which will take us just a few minutes to create them or make a simple design of a capture page and upload it to a free server. The second thing you need is a professional autoresponder, thus we join it to our capture page to send them messages of follow-up, mini courses, videos, etc. to our list. So we will create something that is very important: A relationship of trust with our subscribers, since you will be sending information to them It will help to provide solutions to their problems. The third thing you need is to offer a product, either yours or of third parties (which will receive a Commission for each sale that you make).

Now that you have communication with your list, you already know and they know that what they offer for free is of very good quality, you can offer or suggest any product and is likely my that your followers to acquire it, well within their minds you’re positioned as a person who always recommend something good for them and without hesitation will make case to your suggestions. The fourth thing you’ll need is organic traffic (SEO) and this succeed you making videos and hang them on platforms like youtube, metacafe, dailymotion, etc. Here you mostraras as an expert and you can generate traffic for your blog, your Facebook either. You can also promote the products you want by placing inside the description links to sales letters. As you will notice, it is an easy process, but does not mean that we do not need effort and dedication, as a very common mistake people who started in business on the internet is that they have no patience. If you don’t have it yet, it’s time to learn how to have it, it is a virtue of all those who are in this category.

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Livana specializes in handicrafts export category leathers. We have the best raw materials and with specialists in avant-garde fashion. Each product details a rigorous follow-up, since his sketch, his court, your seam, until the satisfaction of each client. Livana you will find the best quality, unique design and the accessible value, the perfect combination to women today. We offer comfort and speed, we have private cadeteria the model chosen, leading to the door of your House or Office without leaving of side, his whim and obligation.

We have variety of models, sizes and colors. All our products have warranty of manufacture, and satisfaction of our loyal customers. What year are those that allow our company to grow day by day. Welcome to Argentina Livana. leather care: maintain its origin appearance. Every 15 days pass (without rubbing) damp cloth not calcareous water. This operation lets you remove the dust.

Every 6 months, it carried out a thorough cleaning of the leather. It uses a shampoo for leather, followed by a special cream that allow moisturize it and protect it. Renovation of leather:-Sprinkle talcum powder on a flannel cloth and clean the leather. Mixing turpentine and beeswax (in the proportions two-thirds / one-third) and apply this mixture with a non-absorbent cloth leaving to get into leather. Allow to dry and Polish with a cloth-gently wipe the leather with a damp cloth dipped in water mixed with white vinegar. Once dry, impregnate leather with lanolin with help of a cotton oil. Wait 24 hours. Polish with a cloth. Leather cleaning tips: to clean leather handbags purses wallets belts backpacks Portanotebook: mix 1 cap of shampoo diluted in a glass of water baby. With this preparation you should be cleaned by approximately 10 centimeters short sections and then it must be with a damp cloth, removing the food. Is important that a measure which is cleaned, is replace the used portion of the cloth and use a new one. To clean slippers and shoes mix 1 cap of shampoo diluted in a glass of water baby. Then switch the preparation with a clean cloth and use a heavily soiled areas soft-bristle toothbrush. Wipe dry humerus in warm water. To clean leather vests covered jackets Camperas. Soak the garment in a container where there is a mixture of 2 shampoo caps of baby in three glasses of warm water. Then, is should be gently brush the parts that usually get more dirty (like the neck and cuffs) should then rinse with warm water and press (do not twist) to remove excess water. Try to make the garment washing process as soon as possible, because it does not let the garment soak. Once drained and so dry, it should be placed upside down, it stretched on a surface as possible, flat per 24 hours. This should be under the ceiling (do not expose the garment to the Sun). Then after that time, should flip the same and are stretched by hand. If it is still wet, pass a hair dryer to dry it.

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