Blue Vest Equity – an innovative form of home financing: the bullet maturity mortgage loan. According to a recent survey plan more than 85% of the Austrians to acquire property. Whether it is buying a house or an apartment is whether a house is to be immediately built or not for several years, the Blue Vest Equity is in any case, the competent partner for a future property owner. The Blue Vest Equity worked together with the client the best and cheapest form of financing. In the Blue Vest Equity can be used as an independent consultant with the right financing partner to prove the case by case basis under the best conditions of the large number of existing properties. The Blue Vest provides its clients with equity in the home finance free, non-binding and expert advice from professional financial adviser. These create the advisor to the Blue Vest Equity occasionally the optimal financing plan. They calculate the installment plan for repayment of the financing loans, they give their clients many years of experience further whether and how the desired home is affordable.

In addition, the specialist adviser to the Blue Vest equity are in a position to provide its clients with additional loans with good interest rates to promote the interest rate are similar. They ensure the optimum protection of their own homes and the whole family and are also happy for years to personal contacts and trust in any financial situation. One is good and above all, independent consultant informed first and before the actual advice on the financial status of his client, whose current and future foreseeable financial claims, his personal investment objectives and the existing experience with their own financial planning when he had to want peace and share that financial products he may already be, how secure his job is and what family objectives are set. Often the spouse or partner / in is consulted. Each future homeowner asks, "How do I finance my home properly to to achieve possibly even a savings over my current rent? "An optimal solution of this is the Blue Vest with a bullet equity mortgage loan. They are responsible only to pay interest on the bank, but the capital can be invested in a profitable form of saving.

The benefits which emerge from this service as the Blue Vest Equity: A low monthly payment: The borrower pays only the interest on the bank, the rest will be invested profitably in a fund. An additional revenue: In most cases, reached after repayment of the loan by the Fund or a surplus for the payment or the loan can be repaid earlier than expected. This is an interest-rate savings obtained. A gain in flexibility: If a prospective real estate buyers need today but only in a few years funding, so this is not a problem. It starts now with the save for, and thus shorten the duration of the loan accordingly. Bullet maturity of the mortgage loan may many cases be a very suitable financing alternative to conventional financing solutions.