Occurring man-made disasters and terrorist acts in Moscow and other regions have shown a need for a sign of evacuation and fire safety with the effect of “afterglow” that provide tangible assistance in the evacuation of people in emergency situations. Safety signs, fire safety signs, fire escape signs, fire signs, evacuation signs, fire escape plan, direction indicators, glow-in- the dark, while the afterglow from 18 to 36 hours, which allows us to take the necessary measures to evacuate people from public places in the event of an emergency. For organizations special rates on fire safety and means of fire safety – safety signs, signs of evacuation and direction indicators, glow in the dark. As well as safety in schools, fire safety school fire safety in schools and the garden is a fire safety signs and direction signs evacuation glowing in the dark according to gost R 12.2.143-2002 and npb 160-97..

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The Target

Over time, good blogs began to attract thousands of visitors who are keenly interested in the opinion of the author's diary, leaving his post hundreds of comments. Before the popular bloggers dilemma: either continue to write a blog, spitting on the work in the real world or slow down and lose readers. And some have opted for virtual life, managing to make his own popularity on the web in real money. Where money? Earn more than all English-speaking bloggers – at the most successful return tens of thousands of dollars in runet – earnings modestly in order and as long as no one else from our 10,000 USD a month does not earn. On what do they make money? Ways to earn a few blogger. First of all, it is advertising in its many manifestations. Blog with thousands of regular readers is the lure for advertisers, because visitors of the resource are the target audience who were interested in topic on which he writes a blog.

For example, a blog about health you must meet a banner advertising an online store that sells Badami, massage, etc.. And in the automotive advertising blog comes from sales of cars and bells and whistles to them. A blogger can write their own from the heart, to dilute the purely promotional messages with the precondition for the same online store. There are even special promotions agency specializing in advertising on blogs. Most major Russian mediator between bloggers and advertisers is a service Blogun, which registered more than 3000 blog in Russian.

Mystery shopping – the control of personnel and customer service. Carried out by experts, acting as the general consumer. 1. Assessment of the current level of service – the “zero cut” The first important step in development of the program “Mystery Shopping” – statement of aims and objectives of the project. Determined that it would be assessed, and how it will use the information. Perhaps the purpose of the program will be the evaluation of sales techniques, used by the staff or the staff member service standards. That is the first time conducting research, see “good” behavior and “bad”.

Relatively speaking, shook hands with a client employee, asked whether politely wait literacy identify customer needs, conduct product presentation, the skill of the transaction. 2. Assessment of the actual implementation of the standards of service, working in the company, sales techniques Assessment of Knowledge about the product, warranties, operation, that is, everything connected with the information forwarded to the customers. How well do they represent the competitive advantage of the company, or individual products or services. Score Cache is held 2 times a month, tracking the dynamics of change in service levels. All this is reflected in the questionnaires “mystery shopper”. The evaluation is introduced motivated staff – Award for the positive evaluation and Deduction from wages for non-compliance in the work.

Determination of growth zones of employees to evaluate the merits and mistakes of your employees who need to improve in order to enhance the growth of personal sales. How to direct their efforts and the efforts of staff in the most urgent problems and, more importantly, how quickly and effectively solve them reflected in the records to assess staff evaluation of managers conducted employees M-Group, the practice of selling skills, and prepared for the visit – have information about your company’s competitive position in the market, the product range. Develop and conduct training sessions, to work with identified weaknesses Education from the practice of “ability to successfully sell” – Six steps that must pass each seller to persuade the client: 1. Making contact 2. Rate buyer (single it needs) 3. Prove your worth 4. Provoke desire 5. Overcoming obstacles 6. Conclusion of the transaction formula for successful sales: Trust and respect = Influence = The ability to control client = Greater cooperation with each mutually beneficial opportunities.

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In this sense, I think that we must be educated, proactive and professional, but not canning us and give samples of what we aren’t, being insincere, hypocrites, deceivers, fingidores and comedians. True that although la mona vista de seda, mona is It remains (see post sincere estimation), but, metaphorically speaking, an excessive makeup, a few learned manners and a few well chosen angles can delay greatly detection of monkey that we carry inside, losing time and money. In terms of what there or not it must be said in an interview, wide is Castile. In my case, I believe that activities such as the Shepherd of sheep or pigs porquero, serve me today to understand organisational approaches and to propose solutions. For example, in those times, I liked to observe the behaviour of the animal in herd or single; their reactions, their emotions, their role in nature; or when Christmas came, and some pigs, the chosen ones, were sacrificed in the ritual of killing my brain and my heart Frolics in a deep emotional dispute that lasted days, by more cogotazos that my brother gave me to get me out of this self-absorption, reflection and children’s sadness.

Yes, the cycle of life, I know. What I want to express with those specific examples is that in my regards, everything has influenced positively than I am today, at the professional level, he is understood, and it has allowed me a source of knowledge and experience, increasingly wider, that sometimes I turn as a tactic and an additional resource in the analysis of business issues and decision-making. Finally, the couple that I like to remember my roots, I consider them an important part of my work background..