Ten years verjungert deal with the concerns of the aging man in particular erectile problems such as erectile dysfunction and impotence, which today can be treated with potency drugs such as levitra, concern nevertheless every man. Without hesitation Jane Fraser explained all about the problem. The aging woman, however, is the most busy trying to hide your true age. We all want to be but naturally beautiful, attractive and desirable. People always dreamed to stop the time and to be able to rejuvenate their own mirror image. At the beginning of our new millennium we are closer a hunk all the fulfillment of this wish. Cell researchers claim that there is nothing wrong with 50 still to look like with 35. Whether we look young and feel young, decides only the condition of our body cells. One is aging faster by sick and attacked body cells.

Has one healthy cells this means that the inner natural clock slows expires, because we make fewer fast aging and stay young longer. So can we their nature Tricks to maintain the youth of their cells just look down and learn from her? Of course! Each of us can be there again or stay young and with surprisingly simple means. Get rid of your individual age problems, whether it now is burst capillaries or sagging skin, joint pain, hair loss, insomnia or dental problems. When your diet, remember that you should eat daily five small instead of three large meals. Take some lemon juice before meals with plenty of water diluted into, which encourages the production of stomach acid.

Eat for a week consistently healthy, for example, only raw or briefly cooked vegetables, brown rice, and minimal meat. Do not coffee, nicotine and alcohol. Avoid microwave and canned meals, sweets, and sugary drinks, fat sauces and Mayonnaises. Age also doesn’t automatically mean the loss of beauty and joy of life or the departure of pleasure and sex. Keep in mind: with the Sex is like with the food: even good eating, you want it again and again. Unfortunately, men have as women still have a lower awareness of health and prevention. But through the appropriate intelligence in various media, prevention awareness in the population, and also for men, has risen very. Who makes out in younger and middle years, has already half won for his later life section. Subjected to timely regular health checks, keep fit, eat properly, pay attention to sufficient sleep and learn to switch off in situations of stress and to relax. Then, you will age slower and more beautiful with great probability.

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