The current financial structure – a system that could include contacts located very far from each other by a distance elements. That is, the producer and the consumer may be in the tens of thousands of miles, in some countries, and yet it does not have the right to interfere with sales of contact. Data, in light of the above, one of the most common activities in which all interested participants of economic relations, will transport logistics. And, clearly, for firms that may engage in manufacturing or trade, it makes no sense to form a separate department employees who would have engage in transportation and logistics. If the transportation department in dealing with companies (traditionally, very large) and the present, the areolas of its ends within the city or suburban area. And what regarding the organization of more distant transportation of things, it is easier and cheaper to actually come to a firm that is constantly engaged in logistics calculations professionally. To date, perhaps to say that transportation by rail – it's pretty advanced section for organizing transportation companies. Yet the global crisis was able to exert its influence on them.

However, for customers, this effect is opportunity to highlight how completely beneficial: reduced rates for services, including on the removal of cargo containers and so on. In reality, this reduction takes place largely on reducing the percentage gain in total the cost of a service. Correction rates at this market sector will lead to increased attractiveness of services of a firm. Under most conditions David Kaplan would agree. It is obvious that those who wanted to super, in principle, should have been interrupted private economic activity. In the market to remain in power only to those who are aware that any profit must be reasonable and shall be achieved not by increasing prices, and by correcting the waste. For example, container carriage of goods may in fact enjoy significant consumer demand, means a company which is engaged in transportation, able to profit from the large number of customers.

And the greater the number consumers, the company actively working and improving, the more it has the potential for tomorrow. And besides, is not a secret that the number of customers with excellent servicing the above provides a positive ad, in principle, not only in promotions, but also by business customers communicate with each other, as they will be able to recommend the organization to its partners and colleagues. In other words, the lower the amount of income – the more customers. The greater the number of clients increases – so more efficiently and improving operating company. The more effective the organization, the more it profits. Elementary economic arithmetic.

DPS Administrative Code Inspector himself should assist you in bringing witnesses. Try to fit in record information about the witnesses brought in by you, and in explanations or in the minutes state: “When excited for me to present an administrative case, I in the presence of 2 witnesses (Name, contact details) drafted the act of photographing the roadway, confirming the lack of road signs (marking lines), indicating the abort maneuver me. ” At worst, if not living in conflict with the law inspector DPS resist the draw of witnesses and to place information about their participation in the protocol required to certify to the court information will remain on the recorder. Since not every camera can be immediately after photographing automatically issue a print out photos, you need to add: “In connection with the technical costs, I will provide photos directly to a hearing.” According to Section 13.22. Order of the Interior Ministry on 20 April 1999 N 297 on end of the shift DPS inspector must return all of the identified offenses made up the materials, along with documents in the duty section. Further, by virtue of subsection 70.4.

Order Ministry of the Interior on March 1, 1999 N 150 after the end DPS inspector change materials passed to the duty part, they must be immediately registered. ame conclusion. Thus, after the protocol inspector DPS has no right to collect any evidence in the case, and the driver right, because the law for it is not prohibited. If the inspector DPS through their actions (threats, actual physical force) will not take photographs and draw up an act, then this procedure can be continued after your material.

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Very often a business or business undertaking can not do without high-quality technical equipment. It was from him depends largely on adjusted service and profitability. Car service is currently one of the most common and popular types of businesses. Often, success and profitability of this business depends on a complex service. And the service car wash in this list go to one of the first and most popular destinations. Coming closer to the issue of technical equipment car wash, one can not forget the need for the discharge of used water into the sewer. In each region, in Russia there is a system requirements for discharge into sewers, given the SPP, to fulfill that need to get permits to organize your own car wash business.

You can, of course, to equip a car wash more filter system, add the water special reagents for water treatment, but all of this equipment is difficult to maintain, and costs a lot. Acceptable in all senses and respects alternative for water treatment are treatment plants for car washes. All treatment for car no dirty water is drained into the sewer. They are intended for hardware system of water recycling and purification of water used. With treatment for car washes can not only significantly reduce water consumption, cleaning the used water from detergents and other items, preparing them for reuse. So, today, treatment of carwashes in the Russian market represented by a large list of manufacturers and models. When choosing this equipment is very important to pre-determine the set of necessary functions and quantities that must be satisfied construction cleaning facilities.

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On, omnibus Petersburg engineer Romanov wants to tell apart. Russian inventor acted on the principle: we must ensure that the design was light and compact. To this end, chassis and frame made from a steel pipes. Special material from the fabric, glue on thyrsus ample body. The front wheel – wheel drive, rear acted as guides. The first trial took leave in 1896, when the top of the car.

Machine Romanov raced at speeds of 35 km / h, one battery will last up to 40 kilometers. After that came some more interesting designs, even it was decided to open in St. Petersburg, ten passenger lines. And, like many other good intentions, electric ran into indifference and conservatism. A little more fortunate, "motor racing". By the time we tell about the competition, which took place in July 1894 near Paris. It was spectacular, crowded event.

Attracted the attention brightly painted an unusual shape of the object. They developed a fantastic time to speed – 30 km. per hour. A 1900 car Belgian K. Zhenattsy stokilometrovy moved abroad. It was a record of all records. In Russia, the "motor race" started in 1898. At the station Aleksandrovsk near Petersburg, was delivered a few cars. According to the correspondent of the magazine "Scooter", six motor tricycles, single and one four. It was a bitter cold, gusty wind blew. Defeated in this extraordinary competition Belyaev. Distance over 41 kilometers of it was 1 hour 33 minutes 36 seconds. Well, what about the fate of the authors has developed the first Russian car? Yakovlev was not destined to see their offspring in production. Two years later he died, he gave a hand plant another entrepreneur. Inventor's name disappeared from the newspapers and magazines. About Yakovlev long forgotten. Only in the middle of this century, when the lovers of old machinery began studying and collecting entrained antiques, naval officer, remembered and appreciated by-worthy. Peter Froese later renamed its coach-workshop in the vehicle-factory, which manufactured cars such as John. 1910 Frese sells his company rolling plant in Riga, and it becomes a subsidiary of the company. As you can see, all wheeled vehicles, although the period and inhibited, move forward. Enthusiasts of technological progress oriented social thought no on horse-drawn carriages, and ride-on. Together with the inspired work of inventors and popularizers automotive industry. 1898 in Russia was the first book printed by M. Pesotsky. And four in '28 St. Petersburg went out of print magazine "Motorist", edited by A. Nagel. Next, in 1903, was organized by the Russian Imperial Car Company. Car era has brought a whole galaxy of enthusiastic and popularizers of the new mode of transport, production organizers, tireless promoters of avtodela. Among them are "red director" factory AM ON, over time, the Minister of Road Transport of the USSR Igor Likhachev, founder academic theoretical developments Chudakov, one of the first Soviet car – Professional, Doctor of Technical Sciences Yu Dolmatovsky and many others. Thanks to their efforts in front of us visibly seen the evolution of wheel designs in general, and given an exhaustive answer to undeservedly forgotten once the question "Who invented the first car?"

NaviSpace Discovery – a new generation of navigation. In the navigator integrated GPS and GSM modules, which makes it possible not only to call him, but immediately see the traffic jams and options for their diversions (in the card comes bundled with "SMILINK" with free access to traffic jams on the month). To view this device must sim-card mobile operator MTS. Further fee for receiving stoppers from the company SMIlink will be 200 p. per month. High-precision navigation, power and versatility allow us to call Navispace Discovery modern multimedia-navigation system that can satisfy the most exacting demands of the modern motorist. Clear navigation signal reception in Navispace Discovery provides chipset SirfStar III, and is responsible for the road program "Navitel Navigator", is deservedly considered one of the best in the Russian market, due to ease of use and a great drawing card. "Jam" and Telephony One of the key features is the ability to NaviSpace information about traffic jams in real time.

Discovery is equipped with a GSM / GPRS module and connect the service from the company "SMILINK" driver always be aware of traffic congestion. In addition, NaviSpace can be used as a mobile phone. Two antennas for better signal reception even in areas where reception is poor navigator is equipped with two antennas – telescopic for GSM / GPRS and hinged to GPS. Multimedia For those who do not like to be bored on the way, Navispace Discovery offers a wide range of multimedia entertainment: music, games, videos.

The decline in the Russian car market continues – in July, sold 115,000 new cars. This is the worst result in 2009, and the results of seven months, sales fell exactly in half. However, some manufacturers continue to to save on transportation vehicles and raise prices. For example, the Chevrolet vehicles in August rose by 12%, all models, Renault rose on average by 3%, while prices for Nissan cars increased by 0.6%. Ford has revised the complete Car Focus assembled in Russia. From September 28 all the tricks are already "in the database," equipped with passenger airbags and ABS, and the prices will rise to 19 900 rubles.

It is interesting that for now, these two options to pay extra 17 900 rubles. Additionally, the plant will cease production in Vsevolozhsk machines performed Ghia – a price list will only focus to trim Ambiente, Comfort and Titanium, which are in transit vehicle transporters perfectly placed on their platform. Topics time plant, Nissan in Kamenka started to ship to transport transporters sedans TEAP. The vehicles will be available in all the equipment, and prices will fall by an average of 8% base Nissan TEAP 2.5 (182 hp) will cost 892 000 rubles to 991 thousand rubles for a Japanese car assembly. In early September to start selling the updated hatchback Renault Clio orders already accepted. Of price-lists disappeared modified with engines of 1.2 and 1.4 liter – now will be delivered to Russia only version with an engine 1.6 (110 hp).

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This may be due to the less than ideal condition of the car and the risk of common failures, which in turn will cause a corrupt sentiments, which can not compensate nor any amount of money. Second – there are "seasonal price" to hire a limousine and on certain days of the week, when the cost of renting a limousine more high. Despite the fact that weddings and events celebrating all year round, most of them accounts for the period from April to October. This so-called "Wedding Season". Of course, at that time cost Limousine rental increases. Saturday is the most popular day for weddings, celebrations and holidays, so the price of the reservation limo that day is the highest. In less comfortable days, Friday and Sunday, the price rent is slightly lower, and the orders on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday, the lowest price.

The third – of course, the time for which rent the limousine. Payment is usually hourly rental of limousines and within the city calculated as follows: X +1 hour, where X – is the minimum number of hours of the order (2,3,4,5, etc. hours). This time is counted from the date of arrival in the designated area limousine and the appointed hour. The second number – it's time to file the limousine entrance it to the starting place. By default, it lay in the timing of an order for 1 hour.

If you do not want to part with nice people, nice interior and your favorite music or you just need to take guests to their homes – you can always extend Limousine. 4. The choice of the firm. In order to properly choose a company that provides services and limousine rental, you need the following: ask your friends and acquaintances who may use the services of firms limousine. Reputation – this is something sought for years, working hard for the future, this is what esteem and are afraid to lose, so you can often safely rely on the opinions of their friends. And if you have found a company in the network Internet, pay attention to the existence of the website of the company, its graphic design and book reviews, analyze the cost of renting a limousine in the company. If it is too high, it can be intermediary firms. If prices are low, then this business is just not profitable and there is a suspicion that this "company" comes to fraud and spoofs limousines. A serious company or when not allow himself to be called an astronomical price for their services, since earned a good name, has a base of regular customers and can afford to provide services to hire a limousine at an affordable average price in the market, find out whether a company limousine own fleet. Just being a full owner of the limousine, the company can guarantee the supply of well-appointed limousine to a time and place to monitor changes in the schedule of orders and to consider individual requests customer. We hope you received tips will save a lot of time and nerves! Good luck!