Less than 30% of the Colombian population even has access to a monitor. Although it’s a relatively small percentage. We have managed to leverage resources to create access and Internet-oriented education. Countries in developing such as Brazil or India have invested heavily to acquire technology, train and create job opportunities for the population. Getting that to happen in Colombia? A change of mentality. One of the big changes that brought Internet to countries as ours was a change of mind: the technology is not only physical and this reduces the investment costs. Companies are not just buildings.

They are solid web presences that generate job and income. Distances are not measured in meters, but in seconds. It is possible to invest in technology and education. There is still a long way to go, but we are taking steps every day toward one goal: that the majority of Colombians can benefit from the Internet. The need for another change. 83% Of people who have access to the Internet, the they are primarily used to access email services.

53% of the total uses it to refer to news. It is a breakthrough, it’s encouraging data. But we need to generate a cultural change if we want to reap the benefits. There are educational tools, free content to learn more about computing and other fields, tutorials and affordable tools to create web pages and articles to make them cost-effective… Do not take advantage of these resources to generate business? It is necessary to make large investments, which is centralize not only in the acquisition of equipment but that promote research, education and entrepreneurship.

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