Selection of the optimal configuration of the server. The server (server English from the English. To serve – to serve). In information technology, the software component of a computer system that performs servicing functions on the client's request or programs Internet connection and work computers through a common router (router), we strongly recommend you purchase a dedicated server designed to meet your objectives is the key to the stability of your business. There is a misconception that as a server for a small business can use more or less powerful personal computer. This error does not allow companies to take full advantage of this server technology.

Without the server does not provide the necessary degree of data protection, a negative impact on health information systems because of its low ability to capacity (scalability), inhibits the further development of the company. Server, by definition, must be highly reliable fault-tolerant system with support for multiprocessor architecture, with the possibility of redundancy data, systems, power, cooling, and has the function of remote monitoring and control. Through the use of specialized high-power multi-core server budget to quickly handle medium-sized database, mail and document management, supports up to 20-30 users at a terminal mode can be used as a small file server, and also used as a server 1S "Enterprise" and 1C "Accounting" in networks of small size. The use of fault-tolerant server allows multiple components to reduce the probability of failure and loss of valuable information. Hardware and software protection, used in server, create an impenetrable barrier to hackers and foreign hunters for information that can not be accomplished by conventional methods of protection. Servers for medium sized organizations and enterprises. The architecture of these servers are usually servers are used in scientific institutions for scientific calculations that require significant computing resources, banking systems and electronic commerce systems to provide fail-safe operation, the Internet – providers, telecommunications companies, as well as in other applications in which the stop or suspend the server system is highly undesirable and can lead to serious negative consequences. Powerful multiprocessor server allows you to easily work with large databases, SAP, CRM and can support from several dozen to several hundred users.

Application failover server components allows the server around the clock, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Hardware and software network security and connectivity within the user's workstation. Reservations on the server of valuable information from workstations module, without a complete or partial replacement of the server and its components, as is the case for modernizing conventional server architecture. Enterprise servers. This is the most powerful and fault-tolerant multiprocessor systems to ensure that the processing of a large number of transactions and batch jobs to ensure profitability on the basis of ERP-solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning – Enterprise Resource Planning). Typically, server enterprise covers a huge range of performance and meets the needs of virtually any building capacity. The optimal solution for such problems is the blade that can increase the computing power of a simple adding an additional server motherboard expansion slots, without replacing the entire server. Proposals in any class of manufacturers of servers and a variety of price and functionality. Our company JSC "Mastertreyd" can offer you any solutions from different vendors (Etegro, HP, DELL, IBM, INTEL, SUN, ASUS, etc.): from budget to luxury entry-level enterprise, as well as subsequent service support of delivered products and components.

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