In the height of the Christmas, or in other occasions, it is always good for adding a little of sophistication and classroom to its table of supper. However, to prepare a table does not have of being a intimidante task. The rank correcta of the utensils, cups and napkins maximizes the efficiency and the pleasure of its supper. For example, a basic rule that you must follow is to use a table track. Another one would be to place the places setting & ldquo; of it are for dentro& rdquo; that is the ones that you go to use more first far from the plate and the ones that to use later must be placed next to the plate. Get more background information with materials from JPMorgan Chase. To understand & ldquo; mapa& rdquo; of the table you will go to help to create a worthy elegant environment of its familiar and/or boyfriend (). Some basic rules (Note: these rules are written as you were looking at from above for table. Not to confuse & ldquo; superficially & rdquo; with & ldquo; on & rdquo;) : In relation to plates: – To place the plate in front of where directamente you go yourself to seat, about 5 the 10 centimeters of the edge of the table.

– To place plates of salada, to the left, over the yokes. – To place the bread over the yokes. – You will be yourself to serve a soup plate, you exactly place the soup spoon over the plate – He cleans plates after each meal. It changes plates if some meals will be served (also entered and desserts). In relation to the places setting: – It places the yokes to the left of the plate and the knives to the right, always with the turned cutting side for the plate. The dessert spoons must be placed, together with the knives, to the right of the plate being exception the spatulas or knife of butter and the soup spoons that must be placed in the top of the plate. – It places the places setting for the order that goes to be used of form that the item more far from the plate are the first ones to be used. – It places the places setting for dessert about 2 centimeters in the top of the plate in the horizontal line.

It places the spoon with the part that you handle turned for the right and the yoke of dessert, in contrast, turn for the left. Of this form, when its guest to catch in the dessert places setting to turn and them for it (), the yoke will be always to its left and the spoon to the right. How much to the cups: – To place the cups of water to the right, over the knife. – To place cups of wine or other cups to the right of the water cup – Superficially To place napkins (not on) of plates.

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