The National Library of Australia. In Canberra you can enjoy a number of places that are symbols of the city itself and of Australia. Some of the most important monuments and institutions of Canberra is the Australian War Memorial, the city paid tribute to the fallen in battle during the wars in which Australian forces have been involved. Until the memorial is reached by the ANZAC Parade, a wide street that is usually witnessed military parades and which owes its name to Australian and New Zealand forces (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) of the First World War. The National Gallery of Australia houses a large number of documents and historical materialsfrom indigenous cultures, Australian and Asian. Among countries, emphasize their art works of Pollock and Rubens. Old Parliament House is one of the most visited places, like the National Library of Australia, National Archives of Australia and the National Museum of Australia.The National Library is one of Canberra’s cultural symbols and has 220 miles of shelves, while the National Museum was listed in 2005 as a national attractions. There are a lot of government buildings in the Commonwealth open to the public. The most important is undoubtedly the Houses of Parliament, followed by the High Court of Australia and the Royal Mint of Australia. Lake Burley Griffin is one of the most important places in the capital aussie, and is the place where the Captain Cook Memorial and the National Carillon. Other sites of interest is the Torre Telstra, the Australian National Botanic Gardens, bringing together the largest collection of Australian flora in the world, the National Zoo Aquarium and the spectacular National Dinosaur Museum, where they can touch even the remains of the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex. The ANZAC Parade, to fund the Australian War Memorial. Music and drama also have their place in Canberra.The Canberra Theater and Playhouse hosts most major music festivals, concerts and other productions. Another important building-related music is the Llewellyn Hall (located within the ANU School of Music). The Street Theater, located on Childers Street, is where companies come together professional and amateur theater. The Albert Hall was the first performing arts, opened in 1928. It was, in fact, the first performance of companies such as Canberra Repertory Society and the Canberra Philharmonic Society. Australian War Memorial. The Stonefest, held at the University of Canberra, is the most important music festival in the city and come Canberra duo Koolism hip-hop. There are plenty of bars and clubs offering live music and performances, especially in the areas of Dickson, Kingston and in Centro.Among the most important events and festivals in the city include the National Folk Festival, the Royal Canberra Show (an agricultural show with a great tradition), the Summernats car festival, the Canberra Multicultural Festival in February and the Celebrate Canberra festival which is celebrated for ten days of March next to the Canberra Day, the day of the city. But the most awaited festival of the Floriade is Canberra’s workforce, the feast of one month (between September and October) in which the entire city is decked with flowers. This festival includes all types of entertainment such as music, entertainment, seminars and competitions for landscape design. Bring on since 1998, held the 75th anniversary of the founding of Canberra and the bicentenary of Australia, and from the success of that meeting it was decided to celebrate it annually.

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