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The most optimistic see even in the appliance the future of network access technology, since it complies with the premises of mobility – that can be above all the time-, speed of access anywhere – when combined with technologies wifi networks 3 G and 4 G – and functional ambivalence; It is to say that both can be used for a movie to play a disc, sending an e-mail, edit a text, read the newspaper or consult wikipedia among many other things. To such an extent the enthusiasm of some that Steve Jobs, founder and President of Apple, dared to declare a few months ago now is the death of the PC, term which included both desktops and notebooks. Jobs for the future will be colonized by phones large Tablet-shaped computer brain. Of course, he would like that most were iPad. Virtues the results of the iPad in the months that active confirmed that its characteristics are excellent to enjoy its use, even among those who feel further away from the technology. Analog training people are accustomed to handling of a life where the digital component is minimal: they read paper books, periodic paper, they watch television in the TV, listen to music on compact discs, etc.

Technological change has surprised them cautiously and they run the risk of being excluded from a future that’s irreversible way passes through Internet. For this group the iPad can be a complement ideal that will allow them to continue with their analog habits in a support similar to that you have always used. Read a newspaper in this device is something simple and comfortable, because the screen has great definition and are retro illuminated, so you can see in low light, and the same thing happens with books. Not so much tired view as older screens, although it does not reach the perfection of electronic ink.

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