After installing the door Well, the beauty, the steel door installed. Your home safe from intruders. In the manufacture of doors, we took into account all your wishes! To have installed steel doors that are perfectly in tune with interior of your apartment, country cottage. You are protected from noise, doors help keep heat in the apartment. Doors perform the function of protection – protection against intruders from vandalism. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Wells Fargo Bank. We can suggest you doors that are protected from weapons of arson. And finally, instructions for use doors to safeguard your property and the door itself.

This is important! Attention! You can not open the steel doors without direct follow the instructions. – Before you open the steel doors, make sure that the object – it's the door, not the window. – Define the size of the door to pass through them, not cause trouble and then calling the MOE (paid service). – go to the door so that your nose (your) socks and boots are located, pointing to the door. Nothing not to be confused! – Find the door handle, the panel examined or shined his flashlight. – Grab the door handle for its largest part. – In order to open the door, put the effort. – If the door is opened, the handle remains in place, see the next paragraph.

– Attach to the handle of the rotational force. – If the door did not open, try to let go of the handle and knock. Knock need a cam, about half an hour. – If you are tired of banging, you have a sore arm and opens the door to no one, it means that it is closed to the castle. – Remove the key and follow the instructions for unlocking your door, delivered together with a lock. – If after using the previous manipulation of the door is not opened, read carefully the very first paragraph of the manual again. Steel doors Bastion

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