Using the screens, you get the ability to display high-quality, vivid video images on the big screen in direct sunlight or artificial light to create images of any size to work with any weather conditions, use the latest technology for work with image, etc. Currently, LED displays have become an integral part of the image of stadiums and other sports facilities. Sports scoreboard for stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming pools, schools can be designed with different size and color display, a different set of information fields, the various features. Sports scoreboard provided for display game information (account number, and the game, fouls, etc.). rapid control of the displayed information is from judicial panels.

Informational messages and advertising displays running string, using Russian and English alphabets. But sports scoreboard made based on the LED screen, allows you to play not only visual information or account, and direct video stream, close-up replay of the most interesting moments of sporting events, video information about the sponsors of the club, etc. Display advertising on the scoreboard during mass events, of course, advantageous for sponsors and advertisers advertising companies will see both the fans present at the stadium and television viewers software allows calculation of statistics. In the timer, an indication of direct and reverse play time, time, per-second countdown to the last minutes of the game. Sports scoreboard allows an audible alert, control lamps, goals scored, to connect several consoles for judges. Sludet remember that electronic sports scoreboard made based on LED screens, must meet the highest requirements for reliability and information content, to have sufficient brightness, as well as different ruggedness to weather conditions.

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