In this essay I describe my insights arising based on the readings, dialogues and reflections derived from the trilogy of books known as spiritual intelligence, integrated by works: in unity with the self, the consciousness illuminated and the Nectar of happiness, whose author is Dr. Ramon Gallegos. The first book in unity with the self, allows the reader to understand clearly that spirituality is the knowledge of the true human nature, knowledge that is obtained directly, since it is not a learning and purely theoretical understanding, but it requires a practice that develop mindfulness, to make it possible to get rid of the misunderstanding of associating our true identity to impermanent States (Gallegos Nava. R. 2010, p. 5); get rid of the illusion of believing that we are only a biological body and a mind, rid of the misunderstanding to believe a human being separate from everything that exists; such direct knowledge is a reality greater than the world of the mind, so it requires the eye of the contemplation, called also the eye of the spirit to access such spiritual reality.

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