In Sinaloa, you can appreciate the beautiful contrast between the traditional and the modern, between history and a promising future. A good example of this are the small colonial towns, which remain as if time not happen, giving us also an as real flavor of the real field. There are many of these small towns which can be visited and which are easily accessible near Mazatlan. Sinaloa has a rich history in the cultivation and distillation of the blue agave, through the years the vicinity of Mazatlan have witnessed numerous Haciendas factories called Vinatas settlements. In 1876 the Osuna family began planting and processing the maguey agave azul, and so successfully that had to install 20 factories in order to meet the demands of the market. Currently inspired by the history and heritage of their ancestors, the new generations of the Osuna decided to reopen the factory that it was paused for more than 30 years. Its main goal is to continue innovating and improving the manufacturing process and thus to obtain the best quality of this famous drink known internationally as Tequila.

Only 25 minutes from Mazatlan to the North, the view is surprising by the endless rows of blue agave, to move forward seems that the Hacienda Los Osuna, a Tequila distillery arises from them. Splendid panorama, a huge tree of Huanacaxtle framed and gives shade to this mystical Hacienda that dates from the 19th century. The Noria, a nearby colonial town with factories rustic where local artisans hand work as leather goods: chairs, saddle belts wallets, bags, sandals and other items of pottery. To the delight of his palate, La Noria has a wide variety of regional dishes such as: tight donkeys and enchiladas de mole. Recently also some housewives gladly open the doors of your home and offer restaurant service to sell their specialties at a reasonable price.

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