It would be half the most efficient one of seexplorar poor, without it was necessary to participate of the dirty work. the execution of the system plantation, by the way, if perfazia with ' ' good jeitinho' ' of our people. svezes is of if questioning as a country so developed as the States Unidosda America, the great world-wide power, are felt threatened by a criseeconmica of some banks and investors. A country with sufficient ways of controls its economy, due to the great purchasing power of its population, has recursossuficientes to inject currency in the market, stabilizing the prices of imveise renegotiating the real estate debts. If it cannot understand ' ' porqu' ' detanta delay in controlling its economy. Agrande power, is presumed, would have money enough to cover supostascrises of the banks and international investors, with sufficient previsibility, without it had necessity to ask for helps to France or England.

Front the estaspercepes, reveals that the great white elephant is sufficiently weak they esem control of its movements. Asguerras of the Afeganisto and Iraq had sunk the American State, however, the great warlike entrepreneurs had enriched. Coming back the question of Iraq, estefoi invaded with the intention of that its reserves of oil became dosEstados Joined one of the biggest contoladores of the mineral in the world, not having assimque if to worry about the expenses of the wars. Return question, as a powerful country so great does not have control of its acts, desua economy, of its expenses, its politics and its security (aoatentado comment of 11 of September of 2000)? It is arrived hour of ' ' pax romana' ' , they momentoem that it does not have more control of its action, and the only exit is to say to the world quese lives in a peace For everything this, questions-semuito the poderil American north, until where it is really? It is arrived, even though, to acolocar itself in ' ' Xeque' ' the great doubt that if hangs in air: It will be that the north really americanospisaram in the moon? It will be that a preventive national defense exists? Serque the economy of this country is so solid thus? They are questionings as essesque rightens the world-wide investors, and, indirectly, they weaken aseconomias of the third world.

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