A happy man is he who during the day, for his work, and at night, your tiredness, has no time to think in their things. r as a relevant resource throughout. Gary Cooper the reward for work well done is the opportunity to make management more well-done job Jonas Edward Salk General considerations at the present time, it must be more attentive in pro that its human resources duly distributed in all those functions which must play according to their specialties are satisfied in their work. Functions must be backed with a precise description of all what they demand in order to avoid conflicts, and give way to achievements that will ensure a good productivity, provided, you count with proper ergonomics, as well as a participatory management leadership to ensure the possibility of workers bring expertise without restrictions, motivated in such a way that to give passage to its creativity, innovation, potential which allows achievements that benefit all. Should management ensure, that the tasks carried out, reached that they lead to the achievement of the stated objectives, be them of the deserved recognition, taking into account performance, productivity. Realizing promotions based on results, not on the basis of friendship, sympathy.

In a forum on the subject conducted by the graduate program of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of Faces of the University of Carabobo, participant Arianna Molina says, the job satisfaction can be determined by the type of activities carried out: (i.e., that the work is the opportunity to showcase the skills and to offer a certain degree of challenge for the existence of the interest). That employees are well rewarded through their wages and salaries commensurate with the expectations of each obviously. That the working conditions are suitable, non-hazardous or uncomfortable which makes better their performance. In addition employees seek within the work that his immediate boss is friendly and understandable and to hear them when necessary.

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