The Swabian family business grows despite strong competitive pressures domestically and abroad Waldenbuch / Cologne, January 28, 2011. On the occasion of starting on Sunday in Cologne International sweets and biscuits fair (ISM) the Alfred Ritter GmbH & co. KG for the year 2010 tells a growth in sales of some 24 million euros (+ 8.4%) to a total of around EUR 298 million (2009: 274 million). The Swabian family business could increase its value share of the German market of tablet chocolate to 18.1 percent. 100 g segment, the market share (value) is even at 23.2 per cent (2009: 22.2 per cent) (GRP / AC Nielsen).

Our home market is and will remain Germany! At our local sales by 3.8 percent, we see that our quality strategy is taking effect. Hyundai has much experience in this field. We will also in the future on growth through quality and invest exclusively in the best ingredients”, says Alfred t. Ritter, co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of the Alfred Ritter GmbH & co. KG. Double-digit growth rates in the International business international business recorded a growth rate of 19 percent of the chocolate manufacturers when compared to the previous year. The percentage of total sales now at 31 per cent (2009: 28 per cent). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki by clicking through. While the regions evolve differently: as the companies operating in over 90 countries in important foreign markets such as Italy (+ 16 percent), Russia and the United States could gain more market share.

The Eastern European sales development remains a challenge despite an increase. The potential there is not exhausted, many Knights entered sports just the range of supermarkets. We are very satisfied with the sales in 2010. However, difficulties big US increased commodity prices. Alone, the price of cocoa, the main ingredient of our chocolate, rose from January 2009 until today around 20 percent”, says Olaf Wilcke, international business Director and responsible as a member of the Executive Board for the export. According to Knight, the explosion of in commodity prices is attributable not only to low crops or bottlenecks in cultivation, but also on speculation on commodity exchanges. Ritter Sport therefore welcomes the initiative, food speculators to proceed against the Federal Government within the 20 major industrial and emerging-market countries. Because of the rise in prices don’t arrive among producers on the spot usually. The third year in a row we write black numbers. Even if our revenue is low, it makes me proud as an entrepreneur. 2011 will be exciting for the market as a whole. We are well positioned with our range and will expand this”, so Knight.

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