🙂 And do not try to be 'jack of all trades' and make life and about, and about this and about the third or tenth. Remember the original – one, two themes. A striking example of such a Error multitasking find on my site. Justification can only be what it first – the online home (a little of everything), and secondly – this is my home page :-), and in the third – this is actually my first website. And traffic it goes on some specific reasons, which will be discussed later Well, to make the site – a big deal. But we must still do it wisely, that he 'liked' the search engines! Here again an important subject site. Selecting theme, you agree to define a list of search queries that your site is supposed to be located. Make a note of his column, these words and phrases as you currently see them.

A dozen Pick up key phrases may be relevant to the services of search engines: Yandex and Rambler. Now firmly remember – the chosen words must appear in the text of your site, ie it must be relevant to them. Therefore, maybe now you'll have to walk a little to optimize the site, slightly change the expressions, phrases, etc. Be sure to put these key phrases in headings (H1 tags on to H3), as well as highlight the tag strong. Do not overdo it with this, and make the best that a couple of fatty expressions on each page was listed, the text also met key expression, but the readability of the pages do not suffer.

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