Sun, beach, palm trees as far as the eye ranges – that reminds many of the paradise! The talk is of Punta cana, a region in the province of La Altagracia, which lies in the southeast of the Dominican republic. Nearly 90,000 residents is the capital of the province – Higuey. Add to your understanding with patrick dwyer newedge. The tropical climate, with year-round temperatures in the 25-35 degrees celsius, not only ensures a relaxed holiday atmosphere, but also guarantees untroubled expeditions into the interior. Here, everything is on offer, which hopes that the rain and schneemade Tourist central by a palm paradise. A dream in turquoise and white, the southeast coast of the Dominican republic is a popular destination for tourists from around the world. No wonder this beautiful stretch, typical caribbean beaches and turquoise sea.

An elongated reef along the coast acts as a natural surge protection. Due to the picturesque atmosphere is especially true of the almost 50 km long Playa Bavaro as a magical attraction for numerous tourists. TwoNational parks have been built in recent years in the neighborhood – the national park of Punta cana and the island of Saona. Not only are there many tourist facilities have been added, but many well-known hotel chains have built large resorts. Trend continues to rise.

The Dominican republic is located on the island of Hispaniola and cuba is the second largest island in the caribbean. The explorer christopher columbus was the namesake of "Hispaniola" – Spanish to German: Small. Continue to learn more with: patrick ta. Today the island is divided into two countries: Haiti and the Dominican republic in the west to the east. Saona Island (Isla Saona) – Natural "Bacardi Island" The Dream Saona Island, which the locals will be happy touted as the Bacardi Island, which lies on the southeastern tip of the Dominican republic and is just a few miles from the coast. Whether you want to translate a ferry or a sailboat, in the small port about 40 kilometers from the city of La romana there are enough suppliers. The ride on the boats is highly recommended becauseone makes stop at various points to admire up close, either sea stars or explore beautiful reef to snorkel can. The nearly 120 km2 large island belongs to the so-called Parque Nacional del Este (National Park of the East) and is protected. As one of the largest national parks in the country, he is known for its abundance of birds, especially rare species. Since the original vegetation has been replaced by tropical palm forests, can be found here today, the most beautiful, palm-lined beaches with crystal clear water and fine sand – and moreover deserted. A particular piece of land in peaceful surroundings. If you want to stay on the island of Saona, should take care of soon as possible to ensure proper accommodation, because there are only private guest houses. The two fishing villages of Punta Gorda Adamay and are worth seeing for sure. Whom the rest is too much, is to consult with a day trip to this dream island unspoiled best. You can then again in the lively Punta cana. fun

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