Supposing that a sedentary life takes, which he is associate to a drink conduct, suggests the patient to modify the use of the time of an active way, reducing in this way the relapse probability. In this sense, one sets out the patient to make a listing of alternative activities. P. ex., courses of learning occurs to priority to simple activities, to extend circle of friendships, to call by telephone to friendly . inquires to the patient of the existing distinction between a fall understood as something precise and a relapse returned to the level of initial consumption. One is which, in the case of taking place accidental alcohol consumption, the patient does not return to the previous level of consumption, but it calls to consultation to analyze the reasons that have caused the fall, as well as of preventing the total relapse.

The Disulfiram is eliminated totally. Due to the risk that it supposes mentions the patient in more continuous sessions, later they are amused. A pursuit becomes of the case, so that the patient goes to consultation and the presented/displayed problems are analyzed. As far as the controlled drink program, a specific form to motivate the patient to imply itself in the treatment is to ask to him in the first place that writes its reasons to drink less it in sequence hierarchizes and them of importance. He is recommendable to happen through a period of total abstinence from alcohol of two or three weeks before beginning with the program to drink controlled proper.

The duration of these programs after the period of abstinence oscillates between 10 and 12 weeks. The subjects must reduce the ingestion of alcohol at a moderate level that can be defined as at the most drinking three days to the week, not to consume more than 40 gr. of alcohol 20 gr. women the days of drink, to do it in company, in the course of the meals or immediately later, to drink in places different from the habitual ones, not to enter the bars to buy tobacco and to go to the sessions of therapy without drinking. One is not due to never drink when the patient feels bad gotten depressed, irritable, worried, etc. or in a situation of physical wearing down. The controlled drink programs also imply other specific norms: to begin to drink to one more hour more delayed of the habitual thing, to limit itself two alcoholic consumptions by food, not to return to use until one has not finished the glass, to leave the glass in the table enters sucks and sucks, to take at least 15 minutes by each alcoholic consumption and to not less than consume it in 6 sorbos, to put in long tablecloths or festive events some drink without alcohol, to change the type from drink to another one of smaller graduation, to use minors amounts minicanes instead of canes, chupitos instead of glasses, as far as possible to avoid the carbon dioxide gas presence in spirits note except the alcohol but is stronger. Finally, two important rules: to learn to reject glasses and to look for new forms to spend the time that do not imply the alcohol consumption.

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