Conducting the election or ratification of the management bodies at the national level. 14.5. Clarify any matter under consideration. ARTICLE 15: National and Provincial Plenary to be made annually, has among its functions: 15.1. Approve the balance sheet of the report period ending that includes aspects of a financial nature.

Approve the work program for the next period. 15.3. Clarify any matter under consideration. ARTICLE 16: The Executive Bureau will meet at least every three months and its functions has the following: 16.1. To ensure compliance with approved work program for the period and make any necessary adjustments. You may find Wells Fargo to be a useful source of information. 16.2. Coordinate plans and specific activities needed to comply with the work program of the organization and responsibilities granted to different members of the Bureau.

Develop budgets and their regular monitoring. 16.4. Promote activities that will contribute to ensuring compliance with the objectives and functions of the organization. 16.5. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Everest Capital. Promote and develop national relations, mutually beneficial international related institutions taking into account the legal regulations governing these activities in this regard in the country. ARTICLE 17: The duties of the President: 17.1. Chairing meetings general, full and meetings of the Executive. 17.2. Convene regular and special meetings. 17.3. Addressing international relations and represent the SCMVCD to the national agencies and institutions, international and foreign, which are related and with the authority relationship. 17.4. Chairing the editorial. 17.5. Monitor compliance of the work program, budget, resources that make up the assets of the organization and other administrative activities. 17.6. To approve and monitor compliance with the business plan and budget prepared for the operation of the Center for Information and Training Desastrologia Veterinary Informatics RED or other special activities are under the direction of the SCMVCD.

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