The jurisdiction of the instruments play a great role of stamps and seals that can prove the legality of the documents and give them legal force. Today in the printing industry has a huge selection of products for printing-round and rectangular printing, rubber and metal, automatic and not automatic. Sometimes stamp printing, printing company, print, doctor, lawyer, fax – print, sign and most of the other stamps. Seal clamped personnel documents, registers, budgets, orders, billing documents, collective contracts, agreements, incorporation documents and so on. The technologies used are allowed to make printing at a high enough Level, which, in turn, is almost completely eliminates counterfeiting. Consider the details of technology manufacturing seals and stamps. Photopolymer technology includes a manufacturer of seals and stamps from both liquid and solid of the photopolymer.

Intuitively, production of stamps from a liquid photopolymer is as follows. First step: in one of the existing programs are painting sketch press, after which it printed on special film. Further negatives with curb tape attach the appropriate form, which is filled polymer. On the polymer impose a transparent film. Help move a filled shape in the exposure chamber assisted by two windows. Directly into the camera illuminates the film from both sides. From the light of the negative photopolymer becomes solid, with a dark side – a liquid. Mandatory rinse completes the manufacturing process printing with photopolymer technology.

It is worth noting manufacturer of seals can be made way of vulcanization of crude rubber and laser engraving of rubber. Laser engraving technique stands unpretentious, excellent image quality, durability. By cons of the original process we can refer to a sufficiently high price of the finished product. Vulcanization of crude rubber – is primarily a process rather time consuming. Workshop of this technology is rational, if made a large number of identical prints. For the occasional print ordering technique has a large cost. Flash technology manufacturing stamps helps to embody the original and beautiful prints. The basis of our method, including sample baking micropore rubber. This technique allows correction of the image on the printing plate itself. Filled with ink printing can set to 8-thousand impressions on paper. In the creation of stamps and seals exploit and imported and domestic equipment for the production of stamps: exhibiting the camera flash systems, laser engraver, Heat Transfer to vulcanization of rubber, ultrasonic cleaning, cutting torches to cut the round seals, as well as supplies – film, toners, photopolymers, substrate, stamp pads. Also, production of stamps and seals includes the use of metal or plastic snap-automatic, as well as plastic, metal and wooden non-automatic snap. There are different programs for the manufacture of seals and stamps, among them most in demand are Stampmaker, Stamp, Font Navigator, seal win, pechat 0. 9 and other applications. Very easy to operate Russian-language prog Seals seal win. The program can do on the computer and printing stamps of different shapes and forms. Sketch print made with the application Stampmaker, compatible with virtually any equipment designed to create the seals.

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