They could start by debugging to people who for so many years has retained his post within offices and units and parasitic way it has spent to dispose without proposing, perhaps a little heavy-handed for those who will work with you help us to eradicate all those deficiencies that have been accumulating with the passage of each administrationPerhaps a correct training for security items get reduce all those abuses that have been the subject and perhaps a little more of interest, vision and intelligence will result that synergy village/ruler who would significantly facilitate their work and our modus vivendi. I extend an invitation that did a while ago and never managed to affect properly hopefully you break the schema-, approaching us, his people and ask ourselves how we can grow together you and us – and will see that it is easier to govern taking people on their side. To close I do mention the following if the current President wants to do something good, if not, that the forthcoming do it please – on the peripheral to the height of City satellite, can be seen every morning to an endless number of elements of the transit police which Pack of hungry wolves, in search of the first driver distracted that will give them a pretext to stop them and either lift the corresponding offence or make an extra money to at this time does not fall anything bad – and truth that this is stressful, offensive and terrifying because, I suppose you have an endless activities more profitable than this for so respectable characters. Do well to not assume that one should feel safer to see them? Hopefully now if things will change..

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