With its mritos and demerits, advantages and disadvantages, all this dynamism has to see with the type of thought developed in the Ocidente, that is, with the Philosophy. (…) the Philosophy it is to know of all the things, is to know critical. (…) The Philosophy is, exactly, the science with which is not possible to the world to remain such and qual.' ' (REZENDE, 1997:15 – 16) the image that normally arrives in them, since the remote times of the antiquity, on the physical aspect of the philosopher, is of a mature man, the way of the oldness and a semblante circunspecto, compenetrado, responsible. On the other hand, still today it is verified, in many Portuguese communities, the existence of ' ' advice of ancios' ' , constituted of people of advanced age, immense lived experiences and traditional knowledge, with a philosophical base very accented, called ' ' philosophy popular' ' , the good-sense. These ' ' advice of ancios' ' or of ' ' sbios' ' as in old Greece, they decide many communitarian problems, due to the experiences riqussimas that during its long lives they have interpreted.

By the way, Deleuze, confirms this exactly: ' ' Perhaps only late in the life if it can to put the question: What it is the Philosophy? When it arrives the oldness and the hour of speaking concretely. (…) It has cases where the oldness of, not a perpetual youth, but, for the opposite, a sovereign freedom, a pure necessity where if it enjoys a moment of favour between the life and the death and where all the parts of the machine if combines to launch in direco to the future a trace that crosses idades.' ' (DELEUZE & GUATTARI, 1992:9). Contemporarily, in the perspective of some authors, concretely Deleuze, that a time more convokes for a quarrel, is verified that it has one to recoup of vocbulo ' ' amigo' ' it stops from it if arriving at the philosopher concept, as what, classically, already it was come close defending: Friend of the Wisdom, evolving itself, then, for other terms such as loving, pretending and rival.

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