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The Officials government of Peru enjoy total impunity and they are not sanctioned, by nobody. The majority that has a position I publish, administers as it gives the desire him to citizens, almost always privandolos of its rights, to force them to that they give money, gifts, briberies, so that the law is fulfilled. The problem is national, but it occurs with but force and notoriety in the Sector Education, where this the business that public allows him to many employees, to secure good extra gains, product of briberies, to construct its house, to buy a cart, etc. Is enough to see that many of them with the miserable pays who wins in Peru, are owners of house who do not podrian to have constructed nor in thousand years. Many officials government of the state, close deprived schools, soon abrir they his own one. People who gain miseries and who soon they appear overnight like owners of educative centers, schools, etc.

That is to say, they persecute the deprived industralists accuse, them of thousand trivialities, to close its schools and soon abrir they his. An employee publishes, that he did this year 2002 very well was MARTHA ROMANI SANCHEZ, Specialist of secondary of Iquitos, Loreto. Foot to only sight Acts of Location 1.000 suns and thus, towards signing to the Anibal specialists Towers, Daniel Shapiamma, etc. Towards sighting previous payment every year and, not to make annul them, foot 1.000 suns on the eve of Christmas. Like? Because I pay those sums to him of money, so that she did not harm my students of the Pronoesa Antonio Raymondi Iquitos. But year 2002 after a visit to our educative program, we could not pay 1.000 suns corresponding to year 2.002 and it made us Close the Pronoesa Definitively, using a Rd. No1957/87-ED, countermanded by the R.M.No016-96 – ED, that disponia that debiamos to apply tests from location to adults.

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