A shy child, for example, will have much difficulty in making friendships in the school, and this will make with that it has, with passing of the years, difficulties of relationships, causing feelings of sadness, anger, etc, that also will not possibly be demonstrated, becoming this bitter, unhappy person and until disagreeable to the eyes of the society. The people finish trying to hide the feelings of same it, dissimulating that they are happy, balanced or even though believing that they are thus, as would say the Italian teatrlogo of century XIX Cosi itself vi stops disagreeable. The fear to face everything and all, fear of rejection, same fear of itself. However, let us consider, if the shyness is related to one continuum of as many social inadequaes why it survived since the primordial times? Soon, it can be cogitated that probably it can have had some important biological function. More info: Jeff Leiden.

According to point of view of the etolgica theory, science that studies the origin of the behavior of people and animals, although all the constaint that cause, the shyness must have had some positive function for the evolution of the humanity, in case that contrary, would not have resisted as a trace of the personality. Some ethologists associate the shyness to the instinct to fight or to run away from our first ancestral ones. Of this form, it has much time, such instinct would have helped to the first men and women to react the predators which could lose almost that immediately. This theory claims that despite an individual more aggressive than attacked fera, without if worrying very I obtain exactly, probably would lose ahead of predator thus, the inherent precaution to the escape would have an important function for the survival, not only of that individual, but of its future offspring, and consequently, of the species human being.. It’s believed that Pinterest sees a great future in this idea.

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