TELEFUNKEN INVEST MANAGEMENT AG launched a multi monetary policy with other partners, with which investors can benefit from further development of TELEFUNKEN and its licensors. Berlin, 27.8.2012. What do you do when it is operationally very successful and with 50 international licensees of various orientations has a turnover of more than EUR 500 million per year winning one participates? One way is: you established a unit-linked life insurance under Liechtenstein law and thus ensures obtaining additional capital selected, own businesses and projects and thus to offer growth potential. That is the direction of the TELEFUNKEN PLAN”of TELEFUNKEN INVEST MANAGEMENT AG, headquartered in Berlin. The company, which has sprung from the brand TELEFUNKEN has set up a multi monetary policy together with other partners, with which investors can benefit from further development of TELEFUNKEN and its licensors. The Hamburg-based ELEATIS asset management acts as an asset manager GmbH.

The coat of insurance comes from the Liechtenstein wealth-assurance AG, which belongs to the SIGNAL IDUNA group – one of the biggest German insurers. The TELEFUNKEN PLAN is the first German multi monetary policy. 30 Percent of the capital divided on four assets flows in financing (private equity), inter alia by TELEFUNKEN companies at different stages of development. Another 30 percent are to be invested in real estate, this is the project development and revitalisation of such as TELEFUNKEN houses in the foreground. Even 30 per cent in the field of new energy, so wind and solar energy and biogas.

Also here there are”sufficient own TELEFUNKEN projects, which offer. The remaining ten percent destined for the area of cash, which themselves are fixed-term deposits, money market instruments and corporate cash fund is composed. This interaction of opposite, so-called non-correlated asset classes, should ensure that the depot in any market situation makes money. The TELEFUNKEN PLAN proves for the insured persons particularly flexible. So, the runtime can be freely chosen and depending on the need and fully extended. Furthermore, the possibility is offered to hedge up to 125 percent of the value of the capital for the funeral. The value of TELEFUNKEN calculated INVEST eight percent annually. The subordinate reference values of the investments to be made from the four Assetbereichen should be according to in-house significantly higher. The minimum contribution for participation is 10,000 euros. In 6 per cent acquisition and distribution costs are included. The annual management charge is 1.75 percent. The concept of a Liechtenstein police offers, under certain conditions, additional benefits: as yields in the deposit and investment phase are not taxed and can again be applied in full. It applies the tax beneficiary semi-income system. Prerequisite is a minimum term of 12 years and a minimum death protection by 110 percent. Furthermore, the end of the contract at least on that must Termination of the 62nd year of the life of the insured be issued. Then, the investment income only with the half rate of personal income tax must be taxed. No income taxes are paid at the death.

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