All of the above applies equally to other systems. Path inner perfection Wherever we are divided, or where we are involved in a brawl or in a conflict situation, everywhere affected parts, a part of us. This means that if we really want to restore their unity, to feel like a monolith, individual, indivisible essence, we need to connect with these particles are separated from us by fragments. Often, this reunion is impossible in life, because we are too far apart or because some had already gone to another world. It does, does not mean that reunification or reconciliation can not occur inside of us. We even believe that this is where we should start: in yourself, join the world in itself, its own world.

It passes through reconciliation with all those from which we departed, separated with which we are clashing. How to bring healing where there is suffering? Our systematic approach is not only the development of methods and knowledge, but also in finding ways to inner perfection. Some say "the path of personal excellence", we prefer to say: the path of transpersonal and supra-personal perfection or even spiritual perfection, that is the path that uses spiritual energy of the spirit and power of our consciousness. The main questions remain: how to find the optimal solution to the current situation, how to reconcile what is divided? How to find a harmony or eyfoniyu where there is disharmony, dysphonia, which upset the balance, stability, and that is where the suffering was formed? We strive to find a way to rectify the situation, where congestion was formed.

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