Outsourcing of many services developed by companies emerge as a possibility for cost savings by facilitating the adjustment of the template to the current needs of service that has the market. This is valid because there are many companies who can not control their costs in relation to the benefits that can be generated if considered, are put in place administrative actions that truly benefit functions such as marketing, distribution, everything that generates service. You should take into account the progress of computer science, all those means that can help reduce costs. It is valid as someone points out that companies can not remain anchored in a culture focused on cost, but must go for innovation, but not only that which relates to R & D and technology has a higher calling, but also through the creation of open spaces to encourage creativity in the business environment.

In Venezuela, this is very critical the absence of a management visionary, strategist, innovative fully identify what must be an effective operation. This is due to the lack of integration and use of management with respect to modern tools and what the new paradigm demand, the result, the failure of many companies, especially SMEs, which have integrated the management to the reality of the current scenarios and have the knowledge required to address them, the results would be different. Indeed, when a crisis occurs, management should promote the necessary actions to address them and create changes that lead to stabilize the situation and ensure that the company can operate without fear.

In this regard we are reminded Jose Aguilar, author de’Crecer after a crisis and managing partner of the consulting Mind Value: The change is successful when rigorously designed and executed with realism, but it may fail, but takes into account reactions perfectly predictable, all affected interest groups, “The evidence of a new business paradigm, definitely business, its management must give way to new actions, plans, strategies, innovations that generate results that encourage them in their management, can not continue to function, serving with the knowledge and modern management tools, effective management topics, proactive, positive results guarantors. It should consider what the experts on this comment, that innovation, leadership commitment and sustainability are the formulas to be repeated and mark the success of the business recovery. Is required as Nuria said Saez, a member of InCrescendo, project consultancy specializing in organizational transformation and change, leaders who are alienated by a new paradigm, in which old values such as individualism no longer serve, In line with this new trend, Araceli expressed Mendieta, coach and team executive, who believes that, although some models were successful in the past, it is necessary “to be more permeable” to when adopting new systems that work in the new scenario forged by the international crisis. In particular, it is necessary for management to identify the characteristics that the current business scenarios presented and give way to innovation, the use of administrative tools according to what is needed to address and if necessary generate transformations, changes positive results will follow.

As is also important as discussed management experts able to communicate all the management policies that will carry out the company to enable its staff to understand and implement. “Employees are the main customers of the company and is something that should not be overlooked especially now, and that negative decisions require more explanation and some companies are losing the forms.” To the extent that organizational culture is fully understood by all staff, commitment, responsibility to give benefits to companies in their objectives.

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