Customers determine places the next onOffice training units in the onOffice Software GmbH made your training again customer-friendly. As the existing service onOffice, customer wishes in the Centre of the planning of promotions and offers are available. For this reason, an online survey designed the onOffice training team at the customer and can show prospective customers wishes, ideas and suggestions for the onOffice training seminars. The Wunschschulungsort stands in the foreground of the survey. Users of the online real estate software have venues to call the possibility, in which one of the monthly offered onOffice training should take place. Using the survey would we vote the next training places and dates to the needs of our customers and training units there take place can be found, where our customers want it”, Stefan Mantl explains the concept of the survey. The evaluation of the two-week online survey is based on the training plan in the second half of 2011. May be due to the Result held the next trainings in the Switzerland and Austria..

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