First, you need to decide an area of particular interest to you. Which products you know better and think that you can do the best job of sales? Once you identify your area of specialty, start to classify available offerings and examine the structure of their affiliate programs. Here are some key areas to investigate: 1. when and how will you pay? Investigates whether the program pays weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc. Most programs have a minimum amount of payment, so that you will not receive your commissions until you reach the minimum number of sales of the pay period. You must investigate whether the program pays you by cheque, direct deposit, PayPal, some other electronic means of payment or the combination of several of these. 2.

How much generate sales? Remember you’re going to invest your own money in advertising and other expenses to promote these programs. Therefore, you must find programs that compensate affiliates very well. It also looks for high value products. A fifty to sixty per cent of Commission on a $100 product is very good. 3. Is the program well managed? It is a company with good reputation? Large companies usually have maintainers affiliate managers contact with its affiliates. Even if you decide to be with a small firm, they should provide at least very clear contact information.

You could try it by sending emails to your contact address to see how fast they respond to your press releases. Poorly managed programmes are, in the best of cases, a sign of disorganization, and at worst, indicative of a company in trouble. The last thing you want to have done a great work of sales and earned big commissions and see that the merchant out of business before paying you. Federico Aura is a specialist in lead to entrepreneurs to success in your Online business.

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