For more than five years, Banorte accustomed us, their customers, to online banking service really seamless, and when I lean in that term, I know what I mean. , Company to which I belong as a webmaster has in its catalog of services an online store () by means of which we are constantly online payments and bank deposits, which, every half hour access our account online to Banorte review recent transactions, and thereby gain our customers’ deposits. That is why we can see we never had failures with the online service Banorte. Obviously, there must be time to perform the maintenance for any system or server required, so we assume that Banorte do this during night hours. Today, August 19, 2009 at 12:00 pm approx. I was as usually do, answering user questions on Yahoo Answers service when I found this entry: where it is reported Portal the fall of Banorte, which made me react immediately and think that this situation affects us directly to us. I proceeded to delve further into the issue by calling the customer area of Banorte and as they tell me is that there is no error in the portal, you are simply updating the information, however, I noticed a nervous tone in the person I attended that gives me confidence, because in addition to my knowledge did not have time to restore service, which makes this situation more rare and I had to ask if it restores Perren today right? and as if it were a recording told me. As I told Mr.

Rivera, we have no estimated time for restoration of service. Of course, not hours or days answered truthfully? after a semi-laugh Nervous I wonder if he wanted some additional information, said no and end the conversation. I want to clarify that I am not complaining about the service because as online banking there is no bank in Mexico that is better than this (well at least I tried Banamex and Bancomer) but my concern for the external security of our bank accounts. No doubt the outcome will add as soon as it knows something.

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